Superskirmish first weekend of 50/90 sign up!

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Thank you to all the hosts that have signed up to make this an enjoyable skirmishtastic weekend. Please see below for the allocated times plus a template you can use to set up your skirmish. Have fun all!

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SUPERSKIRMISH TIMETABLE------------------------

#ss070718a - Superskirmish Saturday 7 July: BST 18:00, PDT 10:00, EDT 13:00, AEST 03:00 Sun: @Jibbidy34

#ss070718b - Superskirmish Saturday 7 July: BST 20:00, PDT 12:00, EDT 15:00, AEST 05:00 Sun: @marvsmooth

#ss070718c - Superskirmish Saturday 7 July: BST 22:00, PDT 14:00, EDT 17:00, AEST 07:00 Sun: @coolparadiso

#ss070718d - Superskirmish Saturday 7 July: BST 00:00 Sun, PDT 16:00, EDT 19:00, AEST 09:00 Sun: @simpleiscomplex

#ss070718e - Superskirmish Saturday 7 July BST 02:00 Sun, PDT 18:00, EDT 21:00, AEST 11:00 Sun: @metalfoot

#ss070718f - Superskirmish Saturday 7 July BST 04:00 Sun, PDT 20:00, EDT 23:00, AEST 13:00 Sun: @Amanda West

#ss070818g - Superskirmish Sunday 8 July BST 06:00 Sun, PDT 22:00 Sat, EDT 01:00:00, AEST 15:00: @littlespiral

#ss070818h - Superskirmish Sunday 8 July BST 08:00, PDT 00:00, EDT 03:00, AEST 17:00: @wobbie wobbit

#ss070818i - Superskirmish Sunday 8 July BST 10:00, PDT 02:00, EDT 05:00, AEST 19:00: @tootoobee

#ss070818j - Superskirmish Sunday 8 July BST 12:00, PDT 04:00, EDT 07:00, AEST 21:00: @Scubed

#ss070818k - Superskirmish Sunday 8 July BST 14:00, PDT 06:00, EDT 09:00, AEST 23:00: @pearlmanhattan

#ss070818L - Superskirmish Sunday 8 July BST 16:00, PDT 08:00, EDT 11:00, AEST 01:00 Mon 9th: @OdilonGreen

(Skirmish template only - please change the date/time/host/hashtags)
SUPERSKIRMISH ss070718a Saturday July 7th

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
WHEN: Saturday 7 July: BST 18:00, PDT 10:00, EDT 13:00, AEST 03:00 Sun
HOST: @Jibbidy34

Song tags: #ss070718a, #superskirmish, #feast

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*When you have finished your song, share the link in this thread.
It is part of the fun and the etiquette to listen to other participants songs.
Although the skirmish is set for an hour, if you are late or run over you
can still join in, there are no skirmish police!

Have fun!

I can pick up 070718c or d or i or j. Providing its not too difficult. I hosted in FAWM. How long do you get to do the skirmish?

Hey @Jibbidy34 I can tackle section e, and possibly f, my Georgie-friend, if you need a host! Thanks for setting this up!

Hi John! You get one hour to do the skirmish from it being posted.

Thank guys! I've allocated you each one slot for now and may be calling on you for more if/when we do/don't get more hosts. Thanks very muchly!

@Jibbidy34, I can host j and/or k. If someone else wants one of those time slots, I'll take the other. If you don't have enough volunteers, I'll be happy to host both.

Hi @Scubed I have given you j and thank you if I need you to host k I'll call on you. Many thanks!

Ok yup same as Fawm. Im still in.

I can do L.

Alas, I have conflicting plans that weekend, or I'd be all over it.

As usual, i'm going to hang back from signing up until the last minute and try to cover what's not filled as well as backup. I'll keep an eye on the list.

I’m on vacation time until July 12th, so I can do 18b, 18h, or 18i Smile

Have a great 50/90 y’all!

I could do i or possibly h

how about do all 12 and you have an album Wink

@OdilonGreen you have L! Thank you for signing up Smile

Thank you in advance @pearlmanhattan and @marvsmooth you have b and @tootoobee you have i


Can't really host this time around @Jibbidy34, but will do my best to join in!

Ok no worries @Sw1n3flu thanks for letting me know and look forward to skirmishing with ya...

Please may I do 18f ? Ta muchly !
I can also do 18k if you need it Smile

I can make g work! I'm in PDT so 10pm Saturday for me!

@Amanda West and @littlespiral thank you - your times have been added Smile

i could take h Georgie x

h is yours @wobbie wobbit! Thank youuu

@Scubed do you want to take j also? @pearlmanhattan would you like k?

I think I can do d.

(Thank you all for doing these. I love skirmishes more than I should.)

Thank you @simpleiscomplex d is yours!

Looks like K is mine, if no one else has an attachment to it. Thanks!

Thank you @pearlmanhattan we now have a complete list of hosts for the SS this weekend! Woo..:D

Due to times here i wont make the first 2 live. But i will go back and do them and then do all the rest- some might just be lyrics.

Dear hosts! Please see the top of the page for your times and a skirmish template. Thank you in advance for giving up your time to post prompts. Let's do this!

@Jibbidy34, sorry I didn't see your message about hosting k - I've been away from the computer. Yay for @pearlmanhattan stepping up!

@Jibbidy34 I am so sorry about missing posting my theme Give rose 4am BST. I forgot to set my alarm Sad Sad
I have since added the prompt that I had ready, should anyone wish to have a go Smile