Supermassive collab?

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@djtjb and I were discussing doing a huge FAWM collab…like we are the world status. Anyone interested? If we all pitch in a bit I bet we can make something wild! I love this community. So much talent and personality.

Interesting concept. Can you expand on what the focus would be?

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I'd be up for a pre or post castle party, especially when someone else is willing to take on the Herculean task of putting it all together Biggrin

I can give it a crack. Smile


Uhm... yes? Yes! Strong Yes!

It is possible.

Yes. Count me in.

There was a SuperCollab in 2016, as FAWM went down for about 2 days in the middle of the challenge. One FAWMer (Josh Levitre, I believe) wrote a song called "FAWM is Down (And So Are We)" which he arranged and then let people sign up for a line each based on vocal range. He did all the end mixing etc too. Huge project but it turned out well.

"FAWM is down" was brilliant. One of the best things that's ever happened on the site IMO.