Super Skirmish ss092919p Sunday September 29, 6pm BST, 1pm EDT, 10am PDT

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This one will be the penultimate (had to look up that one to make sure I was using it right) skirmish of our Super Skirmish weekend, before Corinne's usual Sunday skirmish wraps things up. Join me! (Prompt to come, of course.)

I'm in and ready Chip

I should have a bit of time

So it's letter 'p' for penultimate. Well done.

And the theme is:


(Which was also the theme of a couple of yoga classes I taught this morning!)

Thank you Chip. Here is my quick response. I'll be back commenting later.

I just realized I missed this one so did a quick song lyric before bed. This song captures my feelings at the start of 5090 and FAWM each year