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This is the MASTER LIST for the SUPERSKIRMISHES for 50/90 2017. It does NOT include the Normal Skirmishes, which have their own master list here

After a discussion with various ideas here on the forum, there was a consensus to have fortnightly SuperSkirmishes during 50/90, including (or plus as I haven't worked the dates out yet lol) one on the final weekend of 50/90 2017. It was also thought a good idea to alternate between holding them on Saturdays and Sundays (BST). This I will do when posting them Smile

Each superskirmish-skirmish will have an upper case letter (initial for the month) a number (the date) and a lower case letter. For example: #sskirmishJ5a or #sskirmishJ5c.
*** The date will switch during the BST timezone (UK international dateline etc) - so when it's 12.01am in the UK, then the skirmish dates change (eg from the 15th to the 16th), no matter what country the skirmish host lives in.***

The first capital letter is the first letter of the month the skirmish is held (either J, A, S or O).
The number in the middle is the date.
The second lower case letter indicates the sequence of skirmishes on the same day.
So, the tags would be #sskirmish #sskirmishJ5a and #theme/title/prompt (whatever is chosen)

NOTIFYING of NEW SuperSkirmishes to ADD TO this LIST
Please let me know if you arrange a new superskirmish so that I add it to the SuperSkirmish Master List below. Please all use the same labeling system for naming and tagging.


August 5/6/7 Sat/Sun/Mon SSA6a to SSA6l - 12 skirmishes from 1am BST Sun 5th to 11pm BST Sun 5th

August 18/19/20 Fri/Sat/Sun SSA19a to SSA19l - 12 skirmishes from 1am BST Sat 19th to 11pm BST Sat 19th

September 2/3/4 Sat/Sun/Mon SSS3a to SSS3l - 12 skirmishes from 1am BST Sun 3rd to 11pm BST Sun 3rd

September 15/16/17 Fri/Sat/Sun SSS16a to SSS16l - 12 skirmishes from 1am BST Sat 16th to 11pm BST Sat 16th

September 30th & October 1st BST MEGA Super Skirmish all weekend to celebrate the end of 50/90 2017 Smile
24 skirmishes all weekend ! Smile
This will be Sept 29/30, Sept 30 & Oct 1, or Oct 1/2, depending where in the world you live Smile

July 22/23/24 SSJ23a to SSJ23m - 12 skimishes from 1am BST Sat 23rd to 11pm BST Sat 23rd

I'd be grateful if someone could check my dates etc for me. I have been through it 3 times, but you know what it's like when someone proofreads their own work Sad
They are fortnightly, and alternating from a Saturday to a Sunday BST. The last one is over both Sat and Sun, 48 hours, 24 skirmishes.

So, I take it that superskirmishes are pretty much not happening this weekend (or anymore this 50/90)? Not that I'm complaining; I certainly don't have time to organize, and so wouldn't presume anyone else does either. Nor would I likely be able to participate in more than one or two at most this weekend, so the "normal" Sunday skirmish should be plenty for me. Plus, given how few of us are still here regularly (I myself drift in and out, like a shaved whisker hair floating in the summer breeze), a superskirmish very well may not make sense.

But even with all the above, I just thought I'd ask. Smile

Sure seems like there are not enough folks around to even host a super much less to participate. Also, this coming weekend is a 3-day weekend for Americans so many of us are off doing that last bit of summer stuff.

I hope I am wrong and I WILL participate if someone sets up a super!

I'd like to super skirmish this weekend.. How does it get organized?

@Vegansongs, some kind, community-minded individual starts a new thread and posts an empty schedule of the kind posted here (from a superskirmish earlier this month) covering 24-hour period of the weekend.

(All of the filled-in hosts and themes need to be removed, of course, and the date codes updated to reflect the actual skirmish dates. For example, instead of the first one being SSA6a, which stands for the first ("a") superskirmish ("SS") on August 6 ("A6"), the first one would presumably be labeled SSS2a, if it began on September 2nd. Then there are all the time zone issues which cause endless confusion. Biggrin )

Once the blank schedule is up, people can volunteer for individual slots, and the original organizer updates the opening post to fill those volunteers into the appropriate "host" spots.

The potential problem is that with relatively few participants still active at this point and the last-hurrah-of-summer holiday weekend (at least in the US) coming up, enough people may not volunteer to fill all the slots. (I doubt I can, for example.)

But I suppose we'll never know unless someone tries! Smile

And I missed the whole weekend of skirmishing! I am going to try and do the skirmishes sometime this week- so I won't look at them now. Darn it. But I am glad I got to spend so much time with the grandkids this weekend.