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July 24, 2016 EDIT: Thanks to everyone for supporting the superskirmish!

Original Post: It is time to have the semi-traditional Super Skirmish when song counts start sagging as a way to get some songs posted and the creative juices flowing. A Superskirmish is a series of skirmishes (one hour to write and post a song), one every two hours, over a 24 hour period or so. I propose to have one this weekend July 23rd and 24th starting at 3 pm EST (New York time) Saturday and the last one being at 1 pm EST Sunday. That way we will not overlap the weekly Sunday skirmish at 3 pm that @corinne54 traditionally hosts. Who would like to volunteer to host? Post available times/numbers (first come, first served, experience in skirmish hosting preferable) to host here and I will coordinate the schedule with the host and a backup host (for those volunteering on multiple slots or just in case). The goal is to fill all the slots with a bonus and more fun for all if we get different hosts for each slot.

Superskirmish #1 Saturday 3 pm (New York) > Host: @AndyGetch Prompt: "People"

Superskirmish #2 Saturday 5 pm (New York) > Host: @AndyGetch Prompt: "Schedule"

Superskirmish #3 Saturday 7 pm (New York) > Host: @marvsmooth Prompt: "Roundabout"

Superskirmish #4 Saturday 9 pm (New York) > Host: @AndyGetch Prompt: "Twenty Six Years" or "John"

Superskirmish #5 Saturday 11 pm (New York) > Host: @AndyGetch Prompt: "Sell" or "Fountain of Goodness"

Superskirmish #6 Sunday 1 am (New York) > Host: @AndyGetch Prompt: "Dream"

Superskirmish #7 Sunday 3 am (New York) > Host: @tootoobee Prompt: "Devil" or "Hell"

Superskirmish #8 Sunday 5 am (New York) > Host: @Amanda West Prompt: "Black Cats"

Superskirmish #9 Sunday 7 am (New York) > Host: @tsunamidaily Prompt: "Bargain"

Superskirmish #10 Sunday 9 am (New York) > Host: [@brrrse] Prompt: "Its Found Everywhere"

Superskirmish #11 Sunday 11 am (New York) > Host: [@brrrse] Prompt: "Forgotten"

Superskirmish #12 Sunday 1 pm (New York) > Host: @Amanda West Prompt: "Guitar" or "Guitars" or "Guitar Love"

To see what the relative time is in your zone click here:

Here is a fill in the blank template for a new Superskirmish thread:

Time: Saturday July 23/Sunday July 24 _ am/pm London ( _ am/pm Los Angeles, _ am/pm New York)
Host: ___
For other time zones, consult this converter found at


TAGS: skirmish superskirmish

WHAT: We'll have a song skirmish and it will go something like this:
1) At the start of the event, a title will be announced.
2) All participants write and record a song to that title. They have an hour to do so.
3) Participants share links to their songs. Fun and embarrassment ensues. But most importantly, one more song is written!

Be sure and tag your song and also post a link to it in this thread!

Have fun!

I'm happy to do the 3am and 5am slots for you Smile

wooohooo, Thanks @Amanda West there's a reason to stay up late, or wake up early LOL Smile

the 23rd is my birthday, and i work both days, but i'll try my hand at some of them.

I can do either/and/or

Superskirmish #10 Sunday 9 am (New York) > Host: TBD

Superskirmish #11 Sunday 11 am (New York) > Host: TBD

great @tsunamidaily we need participants too LOL. Thanks [@brrrse] yay, thats at least four covered, preferably we would have a different host for each skirmish, but I am listing folks expressing an interest in two as backups for now. I'm confident that most slots will fill in soon. If not I plan to host any unrequested spots, so we shall have a Superskirmish!

That's mighty neighborly of ya, @AndyGetch Wink

I'm out of town this weekend but may be back Sunday... if the kid's team doesn't play well. So not gonna hope for that.. well, not out loud.

@AndyGetch i have never hosted a skirmish, myself, but would be willing to give it a shot. i don't go into work until 4:30 on saturdays, so i could try the 3:00 pm slot, which is 4:00 my time. i can post it as i am walking out the door-- it is not like i can participate. i get my schedule later today, so i could let you know if there is some clash immediately.

I can do any of those between 5pm & 11pm NY time on the Saturday night.

@tsunamidaily okay thanks for volunteering, not that much to it really. Posting the thread in advance. It helps to pick a word or term with multiple meanings. Then posting the prompt at the beginning. You know the rest from the participant side. When I host I usually pick a random title at the last minute, like flipping open a book. That way I can host and write too. I plan to be around right from the start of the superskirmish so you can host that one. I can be your back-up.
@marvsmooth thanks and woo hoo, I will plug you in

@corinne54 in recognition of your years of skirmish service ,if you like I can add your slot as a 13th skirmish in the superskirmish. It's your call Smile

@AndyGetch I can also backup #6, #9 and #12 on the Sunday, if you are stuck Smile

Thanks to @Amanda West we now have someone, at least as a backup, for every slot. The main host spots are still open for eight of the slots, listed as TBD, for anyone who would like to or for anyone who would like to be a backup. The goal is to have twelve different hosts.

"Skirmish Service" - I like that Smile

No, that's okay. Leave mine as a plain, old, ordinary skirmish Smile

@corinne54 - your skirmishes are never plain and ordinary!

If I were more confident about my internet service, I'd offer to host one. It seems that right now I may not have internet at home between 5pm and 2:30am. It wasn't anything I paid extra for. It's a service Comcast is providing for free.

Thanks @yam655 for the interest. Let me know if the interservice changes. I hope that you are able to participate in a few of the skirmishes.

Hi @AndyGetch I should be able to host this one:

Superskirmish #7 Sunday 3 am (New York) > Host: TBD Backup: @Amanda West

Thanks for organizing the Superskirmish!

Thanks @tootoobee I have added you as the host!

Giving this thread a bump. @tsunamidaily is host for Superskirmish #1. @marvsmooth is on as host for Superskirmish #2 and #3. I am the backup and will post the threads for #4 and #5 since they are 24 hours away. We still have a few hosting slots available, marked as TBD with a backup, if anyone is interested.

Nevermind....put on my old lady reading glasses and answered my own question. carry on Smile

Thanks [@brrrse] I've got an am gig, then I will be ready to start writing on this east coast afternoon Smile

When I can get to a computer then I will post up for #2 and #3

@AndyGetch I put up the posts for # 10 and #11, if no one claims 11 by 10, i"ll do it. Also, let me know any other times you need me to fill in. I will be home and can be in front of the computer for the whole thing.

Good luck skirmishers! Hoping to get back in the saddle soon.

I have adjusted the schedule to show @tsunamidaily as host for #9 and [@brrrse] as host for #11, thanks for stepping up!

Superskirmish 2 - Happening? Where is it?

just posted

Wow, thanks so much to [@amandawest] [@brrrse] for stepping up to host multiple skirmishes and also to @marvsmooth @tsunamidaily @tootoobee for hosting. Also huge thanks to all the participants. Looking at the boards it looks like collectively we generated about 80 new songs in the 12 Superskirmish sessions. Great work everyone. I have also updated the schedule at the top to reflect each superskirmish title/prompt should anyone need further inspiration.