Super Skirmish 24hrs - 21st, 22nd, 23rd July Fri/Sat/Sun

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SUPER SKIRMISH: FRI 21st, SAT 22nd & Sun 23rd July

START TIME: BST (UK) 1am Saturday, EDT (USA) 8pm Friday, PDT (USA) 5pm Friday, AEST (Australia) 10am Saturday

PLANNING: Amanda West

There will be a 24 hour Super Skirmish this coming weekend, dates as above Smile

Please let me know if you can host a particular time slot, and I will put your name on the superskirmish time table below as the host.

UTC is NOT the same as BST. BST is UTC + 1 hour.
The AEST times below are correct.

1. SSJ22a Sat 1am BST/Fri 8pm EDT/Fri 5pm PDT/ Sat 10am AEST
Host: @AndyGetch
Theme: Melody

2. SSJ22b Sat 3am BST/Fri 10pm EDT/Fri 7pm PDT/Sat 12noon AEST
Host: @johnstaples
Theme: Lost Time

3. SSJ22c Sat 5am BST/Sat midnight EDT/Sat 9pm PDT/Sat 2pm AEST
Host: @plainwhitetoast
Theme: Sand Burn or Burning Sand(s)

4. SSJ22d Sat 7am BST/Sat 2am EDT/Fri 11pm PDT/Sat 4pm AEST
Host: @squeakmouse73
Theme: Personify an inanimate object

5. SSJ22e Sat 9am BST/Sat 4am EDT/Sat 1am PDT/Sat 6pm AEST
Host: @Amanda West)
Theme: Blind (not being able to see someone or something or anything)

6. SSJ22f Sat 11am BST/Sat 6am EDT/Sat 3am PDT/Sat 8pm AEST
Host: @Sw1n3flu
Theme: Travel, Travelling, Movement

7. SSJ22g Sat 1pm BST/Sat 8am EDT/Sat 5am PDT/Sat 10pm AEST
Host: @kahlo2013
Theme: Garden

8. SSJ22h Sat 3pm BST/Sat 10am EDT/Sat 7am PDT/Sat midnight AEST
Host: @yam655
Theme: Remain Clean

9. SSJ22i Sat 5pm BST/Sat 12noon EDT/Sat 9am PDT/Sun 2am AEST
Host: @Donna Devine
Theme: Stairs going sideways / Musty room / In transit

10. SSJ22j Sat 7pm BST/Sat 2pm EDT/Sat 11am PDT/Sun 4am AEST
Host: @thisisbeckyw
Theme: Oklahoma State Highway 113

11. SSJ22k Sat 9pm BST/Sat 4pm EDT/Sat 1pm PDT/Sun 6am AEST
Host: @Donna Devine
Theme: Chandelier / Candelabra / Candle

12. SSJ22m Sat 11pm BST/Sat 6pm EDT/Sat 3pm PDT/Sun 8am AEST
Host: @Amanda West

Please remember all SS tags/dates are in BST (British Summer Time - current UK timezone) times/dates, and the actual skirmish time will be different if you are in a different timezone.
Please do not use UTC, it only confuses as we are now in BST which is 1 hour different.


***SAMPLE POST for copying if you wish***
remember to delete the instructions lol

POST TITLE: SSJ22a (Sat 1am BST/Fri 8pm EDT/Fri 5pm PDT/ Sun 10am AEST) ***(<-- adjust this by copying & pasting from the above timetable, that way it's guaranteed correct ! Assuming I got it all correct Wink )

(below for the body of the post)

SUPER SKIRMISH: eg SSJ22a ***(<---- adjust this as per above timetable/skirimish numbers)

DATE: eg Saturday 22nd July BST ***(<--- adjust this as per above timetable - remember to USE BST ONLY, to avoid complete confusion please)

TIME: eg Sat 1am BST/Fri 8pm EDT/Fri 5pm PDT/ Sat 10am AEST ***(<-- adjust this by copying and pasting from above timetable)

HOST: eg [@imaginaryskirmishaddict] ***(<--- put your 50/90 name here)


TAGS: eg #superskirmish #SSJ22a #putyourthemeorprompthere ***(<--- adjust the superskirmish # as per above, and put your theme in as a tag only after the skirmish has started !!)

WHAT: We'll have a 1 hour song skirmish and it will go something like this:

1) At the start of the event, I'll announce a theme for your inspiration.

2) All participants write, record and post a song within an hour. (Lyrics-only posts are also absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway. There are no 50/90 police!)

3) Participants share links to their songs. Fun and embarrassment ensue. But most importantly, everyone has one more song!

Be sure and tag your song and also post a link to it in this thread.

If you participate, please listen to (or read) and comment on the songs of the other skirmish participants. (That's part of the fun!)

Good luck and enjoy!

P.S. If you can't start at the announced time, you can still participate. Just post your song written within the hour after you start.

Love and peace
'your name goes here'

I can take SSJ23b and SSJ23h!

Thank you @yam655 Smile

i think the dates are a bit screwy ??

Ohh what I have done ? Sad lol

@yam655 I now have you down for SSJ22b and SSJ22h. I got the dates muddled lo, sorry Smile

Thank you @wobbie wobbit Smile


I am willing to be a float/fill-in for skirmishes, I"ll be around though the whole skirmish - so if you have signed up and you have something come up - I can fill in when needed - and also if there are still vacant slots by the start time, I can fill in and run those skirmishes. Just let me know where you need me. Thanks.

Slot 6 please

Thank you @Sw1n3flu Smile

@Tasha Parker Gibbs Thank you Tash - would also be great if you could choose a slot or 2 so I can get them booked up Smile Then I won't be all last minute Smile
I purposely haven't booked myself into more than 1 so I can float and fill in. But I am going to try and fill up all the slots by mid week Smile

Thanks Smile

I won't be able to take part in any of these Sad

In descending order of preference I am available for #1 and #3, #5, #4

Amanda, please slot me in for # 9 and # 11. (For those of us in the Amsterdam time zone, that'll be Saturday at 6pm and 10pm, respectively.)

(Question: Just wondering why the skirmish is titled 21st-22nd-23rd when it's actually just for the 22nd? Will there be skirmishes posted for the Friday and the Sunday?
Maybe I'm missing something. Wink )

I can't choose a slot, because I'm not sure what else I have going on this weekend, but I can plan to be available for the open ones. I cannot commit to a set time this weekend, as lately, I've not been able to keep commitments.

Added you in @Donna Devine Smile Thank you !

The skirmish dates cover each day it is on around the world. For us here in UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, yes it is only on the 22nd, but it you are in the USA it is also on on Friday, and if you are in Australia or New Zealand or thereabouts, it is also on on Sunday and even Monday morning ! Smile

OK thank you @Tasha Parker Gibbs

Awwwww @ @marvsmooth Sad

Aha! Thanks, Amanda. Wink I knew there must have been a reason. Wink

@Amanda West Thanks, please also add the provisional note to #3. I'm happy to host 3,4,5 if need be, sleep would also be nice LOL

I can help with the one at 7 A.M. BST, as I will likely have just gotten home from recording. Yes, I'm actually getting the opportunity to make a professional recording of one of my writings. Very excited. So, yeah, I'll be up and can help.

I could do skirmish 7 or 10 if you still need people

I'm sorry I can't help or participate this time as my friend from Denmark will be visiting. I hope we do this again - cheers, V

Thank you @squeakmouse73 I have added you for slot No 4 Smile

@AndyGetch your No 4 slot has now been taken by squeakmouse73 - so you can at least nap lol And dont worry about No 5 as I will be easily up by that time and can do that one if no one else volunteers Smile

@kahlo2013 I have added you to slot No 7 Smile Thank you very much Smile I will keep your name in reserve for No 10 Smile

@Hummingbird Vikki Smile xxxxxx I am sure there will be many more ! Enjoy your guests Smile xxxxx much love

Not wishing to pick nits, but shouln't the times in the USA be listed as EDT, and PDT, and not EST and PST, since we are now in Daylight Saving Time and not Standard?

Thanks @Amanda West Smile

@famouspatrick Thank you and sorted Smile

Can't wait to do several of these! I love me some superskirmishes! Clapping Clapping Clapping

Looks like I may need to work this weekend, but if not, I very much would like to partake of a few of these!


@Amanda West - I have an out of town gig with 40 Rod Lightning on Saturday, o not sure how much I will participate,
but I can host skirmish 3. SSJ22c Sat 5am BST/Sat midnight EDT/Sat 9pm PDT/Sun 2pm AEST, so @AndyGetch doesn't have to do it.

Thank you @plainwhitetoast Smile I am sure @AndyGetch will appreciate being able to go to bed Wink
I have entered it all in Smile
@AndyGetch - plainwhitetoast has said that they can do Slot #3, so you now just have #1 which was what you were hoping for Smile You can now happily go to bed and rest Smile

Thanks @plainwhitetoast. I am posting my skirmish thread now @Amanda West

I can host #10 if you're still looking for someone!

Thank you @AndyGetch Smile

@thisisbeckyw Thank you !! I have added you as host for slot #10 Smile SSJ22j Smile

If hosts could start posting up their SuperSkirmish Skirmishes, that would be great. That way folks looking can get inspired to join in on more !
@yam655 @plainwhitetoast @squeakmouse73 @Sw1n3flu @kahlo2013 @Donna Devine Thank you everyone ! Smile Smile Smile

GoGo SuperSkirmish !!

@Amanda West and all hosts - It appears that the AEST times listed in the original post are a bit skewed.
I only noticed as I was setting up the announcement thread for the one I am hosting.
They are listed as running Sun 10am AEST through Mon 7am AEST

I believe they should be Sat 10am AEST through Sun 8am AEST

I like to use and add a link to the world-time event planner in my announcement thread. It makes it easier on the host and participants to figure out screwy timezones.

Good reminder @plainwhitetoast I have added the world clock converter link to my SS

Ah, crap. I got confused and thought my first skirmish was tomorrow. I should have double-checked. Sad

Thank you @johnstaples for stepping in on SSJ22b Smile much appreciated Smile
Oopsy @yam655, not to worry Smile

Thank you @plainwhitetoast - life is manic home here at the moment lol All corrected Smile

will be sorting out the thread for my skirmish shortly...

Thanks @Amanda West for putting this together -- I only had the opportunity to participate in one of the sub-skirmishes this weekend, but it was also fun seeing all the activity on the site for the last 24 hours. Things feel so much quieter once a SuperSkirmish day is over...

I'm looking forward to more SuperSkirmishes going forward (and I hope to be able to participate more in those too). In the meantime, there's individual skirmishes too, and it's probably time to get back to some of the non-skirmish songs I have planned / have been working on as well... Smile

Got myself all geared up to super skirmish today. Game face. Then realised I read the dates wrong and it was yesterday. Hahahahah I'm an idiot.

Thank you very much @OdilonGreen Smile
Awwwww @3tdoan Sad there will be another very soon !

I wasn't around for this, and when i saw the thread the other day, thought it would include sunday... ah well. A small chance i'll go back and do one of the skirmishes, perhaps? .... anyway, congrats to all!

@Amanda West no worries, jumped on the bandwagon late anyway - did a couple songs based on the skirmish prompts Smile