Sunday Skirmish July 21st 3PM EST, 12PM PST 8PM GMT

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Skirmish tag: s072119a

Host: @corinne54

When: Sunday July 21st 3PM EDT, 12PM PDT, 9pm GMT
PLEASE NOTE: (link is external)

THEME/PROMPT: "BREEZE" - Something sorely needed here in the US yesterday and today!

TAGS: s072119a, skirmish, skirmish, songskirmish, feast

WHAT: We'll have a 1 hour song skirmish, and it will go something like this:

1) At the start of the event, I'll announce a title/prompt/theme/concept/ for your inspiration.
2) All participants write, record, and post a song within an hour. Lyrics-only posts and instrumentals are absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway.
3) Be sure and tag your song, and also post a link to it in this thread down below.
4) If you participate, please listen to (or read) and comment on the songs of all the other skirmish participants. Share the 50-90 love, folks.
Fun and embarrassment may ensue, but, most importantly, everyone will have one more song, lyric, or instrumental under their belt!

@corinne54 please can I just double check the times, to ensure that I am here at the right time.
It says 8pm GMT. We are currently in British Summer Time, BST, which is 1 hour ahead of GMT (and the US are on PDT, EDT etc too, as it's summer).
So does this mean the skirmish is actually 9pm in the UK and Ireland ? Or is GMT a typo and it's meant to be BST ?
Only asking this as when I posted my skirmish last night I caused confusion by not putting the daylight savings times (I have to admit that I copied and pasted from your previous Sunday skirmish post lol sorry Sad ).
Thanks Smile

I need the prompts! Bring it on.

Is it 9pm BST ? I think you mean 8pm BST Smile
I am so sorry, I seem to have caused confusion Sad

Hi Amanda, You have gone the wrong way. Smile 8:00pm GMT is 09:00 pm BST.

The adage " Spring Forward and Fall Back" helps my little brain to remember.

@Amanda West You're right - the skirmish is 8pm BST this evening. GMT does not apply in summer!

@zxcvbnm nope I didn't get it wrong, I was just trying to work out exactly WHEN the actual skirmish was going to start. Was it 8pm BST (mistakenly written as 8pm GMT), or 9pm BST (with the 8pm GMT time being kinda accurate, but actually UTC Wink ). Boy is this getting complicated lol

Thanks @Jibbidy34, at last I feel sane and not going around the bend Smile

I'm in! Biggrin

No one even bothers what time it is in a Australia or NZ anymore! They used to! Fortunately we are so used to translating we are multi time lingual.

Gonna try...if I can ever get out of this Dutch Bros line...

Sorry Amanda I don't know GMT from BST! I don't understand this time converter. It says it's 2PM here when it's 3PM!

I apologize to my Brit friends - and Australian friends!


"BREEZE" - Something sorely needed here in the US yesterday and today!

Sorry @coolparadiso - I don't even know what time it is in various cities in the US Sad

I am exhausted and in a lot of pain, so am going to bed, song half written Sad I promise I will finish it in the morning, and not take more than an hour tops Smile

Thank you Corinne, Here is my short instrumental:

Thanks for the prompt Corinne, and for keeping this skirmish going! Here's mine:

I have used my whole hour on 4 different songs - none finished and all going nowhere. Argh... I think the heat is getting to me! Hashtag fail. Biggrin

Sorry (not sorry) for this. I'll have to listen to everyone else's in a bit. <3
I figured its so hot out, why not try a little chilled edm...

Sea Breeze Drifting
Actually it's cooler here today. A few thunderstorms brought it down into the 70's.

Just woke up will start now!

So this was quick. Different angle.

Here is mine, albeit a tad late Wink

Expanded, refined and enhanced demo:
Sea Breeze Drifting

i still needed inspiration for lyricizing. thanks!