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I just thought of a title for skirmish, sorry, 12 minutes later but if anyone is interested please join me.
Corinne wrote yesterday that she wouldn't be able to post a skirmish title today and if anyone is interested in post a title they could do it so I thought of this one as a title/theme for an inspiration: Broken

SUNDAY Skirmish,September 25th 3PM EST, 8:12 PM pm in London


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Good luck and have fun!

Sorry to see there are no takers so far. Here is my little attempt:
I was working on both skirmish titles so soon will be posting the other piece, more uplifting Smile

This is a really great title Nadia ( @musicsongwriter )!!! I will try and write to it later! Thanks!!!

Thank you John, looking forward to hearing your song.

Here's my entry: "Broken" - *20075.