Sunday August 12th: 3PM EST, 12PM PST, 8PM GMT

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A title/prompt is given, and you have an hour (or so) to write, record, and post up a song based on it.

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.

WHEN: Sunday August 12th: 3PM EST, 12PM PST, 8PM GMT

THEME: Somewhere

HOST: @corinne54

Song tags: skirmish, songskirmish, s081218a,

Timezone converter: (link is external)

Have fun!

Hope to join.


There's a prompt in there now.

Here's lyrics, hoping for a collaborator to put them to music.

I have lyric, chords, and melody done, and wil post it all when the demo is ready. Great prompt, Corinne!

Thank you Corinne. Here is my take on your beautiful prompt:

Tip: Use the asterisk (*) instead of hashtag to link to your song number.

Doesn't take long to listen. Wink

@barbara thank you, just saw your advice after I posted using my old method lol. Next time will try to remember Smile

I was out this afternoon, so did this in the evening, several hours late. This was also a very quick effort: 20 minutes, if that. But hey, it's another song! Biggrin

only just seen this - due to that 15 hour time difference. Might try later

Ok did my little pop song!

So late to the skirmish party! I have a song idea and these lyrics, for now.