Sun King


Sun King was never my favorite from Abbey Road (and probably never will be), but trying to figure out the chord changes I once again had to marvel their sophisticated compositions. That G11 chord that leads to the vocal part for example took me a while to get right, as well as the transition into the fake Italian outro. Therefore I left the structure as is and just played intro and outro slightly differently.




leepat's picture

digging the driving beat and the production touches to make it zoom zip ooze and zap.
the radio speak is fun too (reminded me of QOTSA but always fun when juxtaposed to actual music)
and the G11 chord - yeah, classic!

Roddy's picture

I'm bowled over by this. You've kept the key parts of the Beatles version and made it something much bigger and more enjoyable. The G11 chord you created is outstanding and the harmonies are spot on. Excellent work. The end fake Italian has a feeling of I am the Walrus.

Fuzzy's picture

I love covers that are radically different from the original, and this is certainly one of those.
Great vocals here.
I'm not sure what to specifically say about this; it's great all over.
The radio spoken word bit is an inspired choice.
Wow, yeah, really well done.

Wolf Kier's picture

I was never a huge beatles fan, so I don't know this song, and I'm listening to it in that light. You really are going the whole psychedelic route. Massive intro and loving the orchestration/harmonies. Great audio experience. I like audio experiences! LOL! Great professional sounding job!!!
Thanks for your kind words.

rwc's picture

Really enjoyable cover. The intro seems to me to have a hint of the Cocteau Twins (which is great). That G11 is amazing. The harmonies are really good and the lead vocal is strong. There are lots of really nice details – the panning effects, the strange sounds in the intro.

mike skliar's picture

wow- you really created a vibrant and detailed sonic landscape here- quite wild! nicely done re-imagining...