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Howdy All!
It's that time again. What time is that? Why it's time for the Kaiju Exquisite Corpse!

This thread is for the 90 day long, full challenge, Summer Kaiju Corpse.

There will be three smaller Kaiju Corpses; one created for each month of the challenge! The July Kaiju is currently in progress.

Now seeking volunteers to join the Corpse Corps. and help create these monsters!

What is an Exquisite Corpse? I made a video so I didn't have to type it out again.

Part 2 talks about the Kaiju Exquisite Corpse and some other variations.

I'm going to run the All Summer Long Kaiju from this thread. I will start separate threads for the monthlies as they come up.

Summer-Long Lineup:
01 sph - done
02 Kraftec - done (need file)
03 JamKar - done
04 marvsmooth - done
05 hazeyjohnii - done
06 izaak - done
07 AndyGetch - done
08 @ampersandman - done
09 @headfirstonly - done
10 @Chip Withrow
11 @airbagtester
12 @pipewrench67
13 @simpleiscomplex
14 @Scubed
15 @Rob From Amersfoort
16 @downburst

Thanks for organizing! I'm happy to contribute lyrics. Great videos!

I'm looking forward to it Smile

Sign me up, as always. Smile

I would be up for it, but I either have to start/be very early or come in a bit later, since I'm off location/on vacation from mid July until the beginning of August.

Yes please!

I'm in. Good explanation videos!

Okay this I gotta do. Do be do be doo.

I'll get in line as well.

I want to play! Will there be separate threads for each corpse?

Never done this before but I'm up for it. Thanks for the videos, they were very useful!

I'm in

Oh, yes! July isn't good for me, but either August or September works.

I'll play please - lyrics only for me Smile

My favorite challenge, I'm in for everything! Nice vids Good

BTW I'm contemplating a reversed Exquisite Corpse (start at the end, end at the beginning).

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I'm in

I'm going to run the All Summer-Long Kaiju from this thread. I will start separate threads for the monthlies as they come up.

So, who wants to go first for the Summer-Long?

Me too please. ETA: Oh ^

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I could record something tonight

@sph that will work.

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I did send my initial minute to @plainwhitetoast. Who wants to be the next one?

Please add me to the list. Preferrably towards the end

I can go next

I can follow @Kraftec .

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Last seconds sent to @Kraftec

I can follow @JamKar.

I've sent my last 10 seconds to @JamKar

Got it. Will start today.

I can follow @hazeyjohnii

I can take part if there's room Smile

Hi @plainwhitetoast @JamKar @Mt.Mélodie I have fallen sick unexpectedly and will probably not be able to follow @JamKar - @JamKar, please could you pass your piece to @Mt.Mélodie? I hope I will be able to contribute later - please could you bump me to the bottom of the list? Thanks - apologies

I won't manage to do anything before the 23rd so skip me for the time being.

@JamKar - send your piece my way Mike, and I'll get something done either this evening or tomorrow in the studio.

@Mt.Mélodie - I'll then send it to whomever wants to follow on from myself. Who will that be?

I'm back and can follow @marvsmooth as per the current order - sorry to mess things around - things went better than I feared they might!

10 sec. sent to @marvsmooth.

@JamKar - got it! Thanks Mike Smile

I'll see about putting something down with piano in the studio tomorrow!

@hazeyjohnii - check your e-mail

That means that I've done my section.

Get files to you very soon @plainwhitetoast - just got the link file to sort out!

Put me in the queue @plainwhitetoast , although I will be gone from July 28th to August 18th so I'll have to go before or after.

@marvsmooth Got it, thank you!

OK, done. Last part sent to @izaak, full thing sent to @plainwhitetoast. Thanks!

Okay, I'm on it --- and it looks like a quick turnaround, next few hours maybe? Who's up next??

I'm finished --- sending the full segment to @plainwhitetoast in a moment --- I have a ten second snip of my ending ready for the next participant, who wants to play!?

@headfirstonly, @Chip Withrow, @airbagtester, @pipewrench67, @simpleiscomplex, @AndyGetch, @Scubed, @Rob From Amersfoort, @downburst ... ... ? Anybody want to play? I've got a tasty ten seconds, hot off the presses!

@izaak I can go next.

Okay @AndyGetch, it's on its way to you! Have fun!

I was thinking that I hope I got the two corpses the right way around!

I have my bit, and a 10 second clip ready to send on. Who's next?

@plainwhitetoast and @AndyGetch I can do it on monday, if there's no other takers.