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Unexpectedly my focus on music this summer has shifted to learning how to write, record and produce EDM. I'm interested in finding out who else here is creating music in these genres. Please use this thread to share and discuss how you create your EDM songs or anything about the various styles that make up EDM.

While I have many musical interests, the only 2 genres/styles I'm able to create right now are classical-esque piano, and experimental electronica. So if you click through to my profile, anything tagged "experimental, electronica" is my attempt at EDM stuff. Smile I'd love to be able to record drums and guitars, but I just don't have the gear I need - nor the money to buy it.

So yeah. Chances are I'll be doing piano and EDM all throughout 50/90. Smile

For my part, I keep intending on making something fast and dancy, and then somehow wind up with weird and dark and gloomy... But eh. I'm embracing it. Biggrin I mean, dark experimental EDM is fine, right?

Cblack. Have you got Garage Band? As a starter its great. I used it to get me going it taught me heaps. Im sure there are others but this works for me.

@cblack dark experiments of the electronic type are more than welcome. EDM basically covers anything electronic sounding. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the variations of EDM styles and how to categorize and tag my songs.

@coolparadiso No, I don't have Garage Band. Far as I know, that's Mac-only, and I'm a PC user. I do, however, have FL Studio, which is amazing - especially for EDM. Like, loads of people use DAWs like Reaper for actual instruments, but I tried Reaper's trial period and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make electronica with it... Whereas FL Studio comes bundled with a bunch of awesome synths, and its interface is geared towards such things. I love it, even if I still actually do my recordings through Audacity (when I record). Audacity has a big red button - dead simple. FL Studio has a menu and a certain way of doing things - less simple. But yeah - for actual editing, or electronica, I'm happy with FL Studio. Smile

And @Krayzie003 , I don't even want to try to figure out my particular EDM subgenre... I saw a video on YouTube explaining all the different types, and I couldn't help but think, "Nope... My music doesn't sound like any of those particularly!" Trying to believe I'm doing something innovative, rather than simply sucking. :P

I cant vouch for this but it says you can use it I tried 4 or 5 other tools and realised i need a lot more help to get going. Like you reaper and others appeared to be in Swahili . I went to garage band and was making songs in 10 minutes . everyone to their own but worked like a treat for me

My stuff veers more towards 80s synthpop most of the time, but my attempts to bring in more modern elements often take me into EDM territory. My first two tracks this year certainly sneak under the EDM umbrella.

I don't really aim for any of the subgenres, but you'll come across a house beat here, a dubstep bass there etc.

I'm told most of my electronic music is more chillwave. I just put sounds and rhythms together thati like... so my music is more contemporary instrumentals than electronic because I prefer sampled instruments to synthesizers (let's use a mandolin, koto flute, and a fingered bass with a trap beat drum loop) I use a program called Stagelight, but the serious EDM artist uses FLStudio, i'm told. The advice given to me was to emulate tracks you like in the beginning to learn. Happy oontz-ing. (Oontz....ontsz....oontz)

@Krayzie003 mentioned in the first post about techniques.

On my first track I've used a vocal cut up melody. Depending on your sampler software you may find that instead of just assigning a sample to a key (or range of keys) it will split the sample by phrases and assign each phrase to a separate key. This is what I did with a female vocal sample for my first song. Once you have a phrase per key, you can then build a beat or melody from it.

This also works well for deconstructing percussion loops.

@coolparadiso That link didn't work for me (page wouldn't load), but don't worry about it - I'm happy with FL Studio. And as @pearlmanhattan said, "the serious EDM artist uses FLStudio, i'm told." If it's good enough for the pros, it's more than good enough for me. Smile And yeah - I can make a track pretty quickly in FL Studio.

I just finished my latest EDM production. It is my first attempt at a Drum and Bass style song. I've still got some learning to do for this style but I like the way it came out. As for production techniques I used drum loops from Loopcloud, I made my own instrumental loops for acoustic guitar and bass using Band in a Box and a bunch of different synth sounds from AIR Music Technology synths Hybrid 3, Vacuum Pro and The Riser. I think they all blended nicely together to make an interesting piece. Check it out here...