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there is a great device that has a crowdfunder started for it. a pickup that you can route individual strings to effects through. anyone interested must be outside the US or get a friend overseas to purchase for you who is outside the US. i know a lot of us are american, but there is a huge european contingent as well. check it out-- they need more pledges to make it a reality. great for gigging, it can take your bottom 2 or 3 strings and make a bass line to accompany you, by using an octaver. i thought this might appeal to some here.

Hey tsunami -- interesting post. I'm surprised no one commented.

As luthier, getting how this is done, --I can see, for e.g. "Loopers" liking this. It's why, imo, folks use Keys and not "pianos" anymore :), so to speak... orchestra in a box.

If the street price is similar to other pups that slide in like this (not string separated), and there have been a few, -- he might have a niche or get purchased by a megaMc... or China Gov Corp will make'em for $5 each Lol after he establishes his market.

Speaking generally, and remembering you are quite prolific in knowing stuff too... the separate coils is no so much the challenge, so to speak, more than the 6 separate paths out. If my mom can't walk up and use it by simply plugging in 6 lines out, or One with a mix select switch... that's the focus. That box, just a simple analogue switch box should not up the cost to much since, e.g. remembering "ART" brand has many like that and also, e.g., with these mini mixers or headphone mixers, etc.

I didn't see the UK only thing, but that's interesing... wonder why... (not important, just a wonderment).

Anyway... for friends sake, I'll keep an eye out for this. He does not demo it, end to end with the patch outs... --since Loopers, Musicians are likely the supporters, not "my mom" Lol ... (so to speak), that confuses me in his Marketing. But, heck, he was nearly there when you first posted. I'll check if he made it, --didn't just yet.

It's a great topic, imo. Years ago, I looked into making pups (so many patents and never marketed, --I love the pop in/out ones) ... but, eh... I think if you have an ongoing business then have many ala cart elements, a local following with Cash..., --that's where this works. I used to make 5F1 Circuit amps (Champ 5W)... but Blackheart (and Fender for a short time) killed that market. (An acquaintance out of CA did well for a few short years, --made'em out of old "junk" 50's era electronics, so already drifted off spec ala blackface vintage Smile )

I found cities like, e.g. San Francisco, (back at a certain time, unknown of "today") ... really could support a boutique business of many ala cart items. Ahhh... dreams... Lol --nice to have! Smile

Closest I came was a friends band was on "approach for almost famous status" wanted me as a guitar tech --tune'em and hand'em to em... Lol hahhh... and the rest... well, I've fixed many guitars, --just received back from the "music store", "fixed" ... I can't count to coin I never charged for a friend in need.

-- Hey, did you see the Kit that turns a 2x4 lumber piece into a lapsteel? Hahhh... a tad overprice... but for somone who needs a kit... looked like a great option. (Just by a used Squier for $20, saw the wings as one likes) slide in a Nut Bridge for $5 and vwah lah ... lap steel. Eh, what do I know... I never bonded with my slides... Folks will use this guys 6 out pup for stuff like that if priced right... or, China will.