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Phew. Dramatic day.

So I have had songs on the write since the 4th, and today being my day off, I decided to do some recording, as I have 1 completed and 1 I can play with. But my studio computer (Mac Mini) has finally given up the ghost - gave it up this very afternoon...

So I am a little delayed getting my first offering out.

Are you delayed? What's holding up your mojo?

I hope you can get travels sorted and are up and running asap. I can't complain at all about being delayed as I had the 4th off work and used it to write. A little less time since then, but my sympathies definitely lie with all of the folks who have had trouble getting started for whatever reason.

I can't get into gear for this and I have no idea why. I'm sure I'll get back to my normal self soon. hugs to you and good luck getting things sorted.

For anyone whose problem is of the mental nature... just relax. Stop "shoulding" yourself. Remember why you do this. For most it is to have fun. So have fun.

See if you can make a song with only two chords.
See if you can write three verses about the thing you've been thinking about the whole last week.
See if you can find a keyboard patch that sounds like nothing you've ever used and showcase it.

Kick your plans to the shins. Just do whatever! whatever! whatever...

When I have hardware/software issues, I look for inventive solutions to help me make _something_, even if it wasn't what I originally thought I'd be making.

You can do a lot with a phone and the SoundCloud app.

I'm stuck by design. Wait for the explosion of song when my vacation time is over and I'm back with my recording computer...!

Listen and comment if you're stuck. Someone around here is bound to inspire you! Smile

Do something creative, anything. Doodle, noodle, exercise, practice something new, record improvisation one-takes on your phone voice memo app or other inexpensive recorder, play with rhymes, make a list, cluster , use the muse tools pick up a different instrument, change your stringed instrument tuning (guitar, uke, mandolin) do random mashups, change perspective or point of view, collabrate, play songwriting games, do challenges, skirmishes, etc.

Most of all send the inner critic on vacation and just write or record anything to get started, some (okay in my case most) of it might be iffy, some of it will be okay, and there will be good stuff tucked in between the iffy and okay stages. But I don't get to the good stuff until I clear out the iffy and okay stuff.

I can't get started because there's too much else still in the way. And don't tell me to do something creative 'cos the problem is it's creative stuff that has to be done and is driving me mad! Mad!! MAD I tell you!!!

Let the madness fuel your inspiration.

Dittos.... on both statements above
Russ Dirol

Madness. Inspiration. Perpetual motion. Shouldn't that be "fool" not "fuel"?

Fuel for fools fancy,
Madness makes musical meals,
Inspired ingestion