The "Strange" Contest - a-capella song looking for different interpretations

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A few days ago I recorded my first song with English lyrics:

Working under hard restrictions (count and type of instrument were chosen randomly), I was forced to do the song a capella. So here it is in its final form.
Do you remember Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner"? One of the best-known a capella songs ever, I think. It works fine as it is - but it's also very interesting to listen to the instrumental version on the album where you can even hear some unexpected chords. And the well-known D.N.A. club remix is just another cup of coffee...

Now I'm VERY interested in hearing different versions and approaches to "Strange"! And I will leave it totally in YOUR hands what you're doing with it. You can do an acoustic waltz. You can do an orchestral masterpiece. You can layer mysterious drones and electronics. Add some creepy background noises and field recordings. You may sing along with it. You may even cut off the vocals and do an instrumental. You can do what you want!

If this sounds interesting for you, please give it a try - and let me hear the results!


Yes. Very interesting.