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When the muse is stuck, or just to mix things up, roll some storycubes and attempt to create from a space of random images! I tend to roll four 'regular' and one 'action', but whatever number you want to attempt is fun. There's an application for your phone, physical cubes, or I'll roll the dice for you and list them here! Tag your creation "#storycube and add the link here. Some of my favorites have come via a roll of the dice!

I'll try to check back often, but "tag" me if you'd like me to roll my dice for you and I'll find those easier!

Hit me, @darcistrutt!!!

@Adnama17 You got it! Your roll was: a planet (Saturn to be specific), a shooting target bulls-eye, a book, and a body chalk outline (like they draw around dead bodies), and the action was a person knocking.

yes please, @darcistrutt

Oh @darcistrutt, you are too good to me! Smile

Sure @auldy - your roll was a pyramid, shield, broken bone, an old person with a staff, and the action was someone carrying a large box. Add the link to your finished song here and tag it as well so we can find each other! Have fun!

Hi @darcistrutt! I'd love it if you'd roll me some words Smile

Yes please hit me up @darcistrutt

I'd like to try another of these this year. Can you please roll for my @darcistrutt?

@jaegerin - Your roll was: eye glasses, and old person with a cane, a tiara, a person doing a one handed handstand, and the action was someone stealing something.
@Acousticmaddie - Your roll was: a crow, a robot, a cane, a lock box, and the action was someone climbing a tree
@katpiercemusic - Your roll was: a stethoscope, a question mark, a flashlight, a satellite dish, and the action was a person reading.

Have fun!!

@darcistrutt , roll those dice for me, pretty please!?

Metalfoot and I (with the help of the Footlings) created one together!

@darcistrutt , could you roll those dice for me, pretty, pretty please!? Smile

@izaak Sorry for the delay! Your roll was a person with a handkerchief tied on their head, a bottle of poison, a letter, a miner (short man with a pickax and lantern), and the action cube was something dropping behind you. Good luck - have fun! (Just in case you didn't see my message on Facebook.)


@cindyrella Your roll was a frowning face, a footprint, a stick with a handkerchief pack tied to it, a deep pine forest, and the action was cutting something with scissors. Have fun!

darci, here's my take on my story cube

This one came out in one big gush. Finally!

Took me a while to get around to it, but... yup.