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If the muse is stuck, or just to mix things up, roll some storycubes and attempt to create from a space of random images! I tend to roll four 'regular' and one 'action', but whatever number you want to attempt is fun. There's an application for your phone, physical cubes, or I'll roll the dice for you and list them here! Tag your creation "#storycube and add the link here. Some of my favorites have come via a roll of the dice!

I'll try to check back often, but "tag" me if you'd like me to roll my dice for you and I'll find those easier!

This is always a fun challenge. Please roll for me.

Please roll for me. I never finished mine from last year, but it birthed a whole new tune for a project elsewhere.

If you can do a roll for me!

I'm committed to finishing this challenge this year.. please roll for me when you are rolling

Just found mine- Bought them last year but didn't use them - Hopefully, I will this year!

roll for me too please

I’ll roll dice tomorrow! I’m excited to see your results.

@iveg your roll was a magic wand, a jewel necklace, a lock, the outline of a body, and the action was a person shaking a gift box.

@auldy your roll was a robot, hatchet, an egg with a crack, a red cross aide package with a parachute, and for action a match flame burning a piece of paper (so "burning")

@kahlo2013 your roll was a question mark, an angry face, a rat, waves in water, and your action was a person catching a ball.

@pearlmanhattan your roll is an open book, a keyhole, a face with an eyebrow raised, an astronaut, and action was a person not catching a ball (it dropped behind him).

@coolparadiso your roll is a person with a medical mask on, a bottle of poison, a wrestler mask, theater happy/sad masks, and the action was a masked robber running with a box of coins. Lots of masks came up in that roll!! Wow!

I sooooo needed this. Thank you Darci

Here is mine. A bit silly but very difficult prompts. Was still fun.

Roll them for me please @darcistrutt!!!

@Adnama17 your roll was a goblet, a sheep, a bishop chess piece, a heart rhythm (like on medical machines), and the action was a person stacking chips or coins - counting money perhaps? Have fun!

I'll take a roll, if you please.

@katpiercemusic your roll was a tall building/skyscraper, a bee, eye glasses, a giant person looking down at a small person, and the action was a person building a wall. Goodness. Sometimes rolls seem to go together. Good luck with them!

Please roll for me Darci. Thank you.

@musicsongwriter Hello my friend! Your roll was a stethoscope, the planet Venus, an arrow, a person doing a handstand on one hand, and the action was two people agreeing (thumbs up and shaking hands). Best of luck to you!

Well if that doesn't;t just write itself. On it!

Hey @darcistrutt, can you roll me ‘dem bones? Smile

Thank you so much Darci @darcistrutt for the lovely themes. I've made some alteration to the subject, hope it's okay.

Here's mine. Thanks again for the roll. This is one of my favorites so far!

@stuartbenbow your roll is a magic wand, a cracking egg, a camera, a crab, and your action was a person reading a book.

Thank you Darci, here is my second piece:

Thanks @darcistrutt

Here’s my storycube challenge tune. Smile

Please roll a few for me, Darcy.

Please roll for me, @darcistrutt I would love to give this a go Smile

@squeakmouse73 your roll was a helmet like knights wore, a target, a bridge over a stream/river, a first aide box with a parachute, and your action was kicking a ball.

@Peter Arvidson your roll was bandages, a space satellite, a boiling caldron, an octopus, and your action was an alarm waking someone. Good luck!

Thank you!

@darcistrutt could you please roll for me?

@wacha your roll was a bee, blob-alien, first aid kit, and a temple (or maybe an Indian palace...a grouping of four tall buildings and the tops look like they have balls on top and what looks like a cross), and your action was listening to sound with headphones. Have fun!