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I've done this a few times in the past. I plan to make the stems of some of my tracks available for others to remix, chop up, sample, or whatever else you fancy doing with them. I'll make links available on the individual song pages.

Rather than add me as a collab if you use any of these, simply acknowledge the source and give me a heads-up when you post it. Smile

I want to make use of these. Thanks much. Now to remember once the excitement begins.

Oh yes, I'm looking forward to this again.
I had lots of fun with your sounds last summer.
Thank you!

Deal! Thanks! Always enjoy these.

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Very awesome! I'll have to jump on some of that flute if you get around to playing something with that.

Dragondreams - sounds like a cool idea New russian

Yes! I'll definitely play around with your stems on at least 1 track.

Always love loops and stems, fresh inspiration! Thanks

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If it's coming out of Castle DragonDreams I'm in! Smile