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I'm really interested in following up on a fab collaboration from last year with Klaus. I really enjoyed hearing his spoken word version of my text (it wasn't even really a lyric, more of a story).. I don't have to write the text: I'm open to flexibility but I'd love to end up with a selection of different people's voices. Let me know if you are up for it.. Here's the link to our track from last year (I think strictly speaking I only actually added his audio in Feb.. so its relatively recent) https://soundcloud.com/honeymoonhill/proto-guitar-man-vocal-version-with-klaus to give you an idea..

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That seems kinda fun. I might be up for it pending content. I won't be able to check back in until Sunday or Monday though. Keep me in the loop.

I'm up for it Smile I can record vocals (spoken as I can't sing) and have an English/Irish accent. Am originally from Somerset in England, but have lived in Ireland for 18 years now.

I'm interested, too. I will try but I think I cannot hide my German accent!
If you want to check out my spoken voice, listen to the even numbers of the tracks of my bandcamp-album:

I was part of a spoken collab a couple years ago. I played the part of a suductive, insane, murderous female. It was fun. My second song this year is part spoken. Sometimes it's fun to flip back and forth. I'm interested in joining in.

I've never tried anything like this, but I'm willing to give it a go and read for you. I can turn my real southern US accent on and off, so if you are collecting dialects, that could be interesting...... I work slowly, but I do complete things Smile Thanks!

Oooh I'd like to give it a go.