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Not sure if the right forum.

Any suggestions on alternatives to soundforge? Never had issues with it until recently. It's been just outputting stupid amounts of LOUD static. Which then does the same for all audio on my system, not to mention other issues like it suddenly deciding to no longer load any plugins etc. I finally gave up and removed it which solved all those issues. Looking for alternative wave editors like it for mastering mainly.

(I have a tool set I like to use with it but also liked a lot of the features of it)

Wavosaur seems like a decent free one so far, but one thing I don't like is that it doesn't seem to allow VSTs so monitor the audio in real time so I have to select them and then just push the render option to see what the results are. For now I've just switched to doing mastering in Live.

Anyway, just curious what suggestions you all had.
Audacity is off the list though due to their recent issues.

Wavelab? iZotope RX8? Having said that, I still use an old version of SoundForge for mastering CDs. The last time I "upgraded" it, it was worse than the previous version, so I switched back. That was about five years ago, and it still works fine.

Yeah my older versions stopped working so I gave up. As for wavelab I'm looking for ideas a bit less expensive (free is good)
RX8 is on my list to get eventually. But again it's a bit pricey.


It's what i've been using forever since i stopped using sound Forge and i find it to be pretty similar in general.
A friend of mine uses reaper instead, and it seems to have much the same set of features, with a bit of a more protools like interface (though not anything like as flash as protools of course). They are both Free, as in money and beer, so they're ideologically sound too.

Both are available for linux as well as for mac and windows, so that's a benefit too,

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@Calum Carlyle - What about for editing? I had a copy of sound forge (can't find the disc since I got a new CPU recently). I used SF for editing files, lifting portions for sampling and other manipulation purposes. Is that a feature Audacity has?

i use soundforge for quick recordings of things on my computer sounds... this seemed to have disappeared on latest update i made so i too switched back to my old version

@cts Yes, I'd say that's mainly what audacity is for. Some of the more expensive programmes probably do it more elegantly but audacity has a lot of arms and legs as well as you can add in hundreds of bells and whistles using plugins. It takes VST plugins of course and on linux at least all the LADSPA ones as well. Because it's open source it tends to have loads of features that its users wanted to add to it over the years.

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@Calum Carlyle - cool. I may just have to give that one a try. Can I hit you up if I have questions?