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I may be having technical difficulties with a demo upload--its more a melody sample a capella than an actual demo, but back to the issue--I clicked on the demo button, chose streaming, pasted in the link and saved. The little speaker appears in the "songs", but when you click on it--nothing is there--for sound that is. The lyrics are there as they were before, but no soundcloud link apparent.

Your music file does not end with a .mp3 or even a whole link. I see this: pain-stained-pillows-a-capellamp3

If you want the soundcloud player to work on site, you'll need to go to your songs settings and copy the share or direct link. Otherwise you can paste in the url of the page your song is on and people can click that link and go to the soundcloud site to play it. I recommend the former.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks [@telliott] I tried starting fresh and it appears on my end to copy the complete link. mp3 is included in the link and URL, with psp or something like that at the end, but though I tried and tried, it didn't work. It may be because I marked it private rather than public. In any event, I shared the link in the linear notes and that worked.

I clicked on the link and it goes to a fault page on soundcloud. I would check your link again.

Oh, and apparently the link won't have an mp3 tag. I just checked my account and I log in, then go to tracks. I click on the track I want to share and then just underneath the player there is a little square that is the share button. I then copy the link it shows and paste it into the demo tab of the song page on edit.

It is quite possible that a private track can't be shared via the player. But I would check the link to be sure.

My advice would be to create a new soundcloud account for your 50/90 tracks. I have two, one proper account and one GYAWS account (for skirmish and one hour unpolished songs) to share on FB and the like.

Good luck.

I see you got it playing on the song page, @kc5. I intend to come by and listen when I'm back in town.

I'm cutting and pasting the Soundcloud SHARE link, but all my demos were just a link, not the full player. I realized that on * 50/90 * I have to paste the link under STREAMING not DEMO.