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SoundCloud upload file processing:
Anyone know exactly what SC does in processing file uploads?

I know it gets "normalized", any low volume files are much louder and "limited/compressed" in some manner.
I also noticed, reverb is tweaked in some manner.
I uploaded, last few, knowing how the volume was, and never that much reverb, other.

I can't really nail it down, and would like to adjust, for what SC may do, if consistent. -- Just curious.

I know I'm not hearing things, -- wondered if anyone else noticed?

My feeling is, if I use the same studio monitor headphones, (same speakers), be it on PC, iPad, cellphone, or via Browser Platform, once on SC, only SC should make the difference, not the chain of circuitry between them, -- but as I say that, just know that's not right either.

Hard to believe it, but I realise, -- folks don't get that the 1/4 speaker on xyz-device is not hi-fi, etc., so not sure anyone is going to get what I'm considering here. -- Just taking a shot, otherwise skip it.

[ SC will take different file types, so assumed they were reprocessed, noticing a better upload from .wav vs. other-lesser. Not that these demo-samples matter, -- again, just curious. * Always where your headphones! : ) ]

i'd always thought that what sc did was a straight conversion to 128kbps mp3, regardless of upload type. maybe they 'boost' some files? i'm not sure what you're hearing with reverb but 128kbps mp3 sounds weird after awhile. to put it another way, 128kbps mp3 sounded 'great' to me when it first came out. over the years though it's kind of 'meh' and sometimes just flat out 'weird'.... like, going from 'whatever' to 128kbps mp3 can create some strange artifacts...

- Thank you Xiangqi, that is helpful

Interestingly, you may find?... -- I had a feeling of who the one(s) would be, to respond to this. You were one of them. Again, thanks, that qualitative analysis, does make a lot of sense, confirmation helps.

-- Those artifacts (great word), are not always consistent. If it always sounded like, e.g. AM Radio, I'd be OK with that. It's the "surprises" that "get" me, so to speak. I shot a "demo" to a friend who commented in a way I had to ask, -- what did they listen with/on? I'm not an "audiophile", obviously, but, do hear what I hear, hair? : ) (little humor there, they're, their ...).

I haven't noticed that my files get louder, and some of mine, I've noticed are quite soft. I do the recording with headphones on and if I forget to check sound with them off, sometimes I don't notice how low they are.

Hey, KPM ... hmmm, now that's interesting, too. -- Thanks.

I've not really noticed any difference at all in what I uploaded to SoundCloud vs. what I have saved locally. If they are doing any processing I'd think it would be well-known and discussed.

For anyone who does want some pre-processing before sharing their tracks, I'd recommend giving LANDR a try:

LANDR is an automated mastering service, which basically analyzes your track and then performs volume and EQ adjustments. You may like how it makes your tracks sound; let your ears be the judge.

The best part is that, if you only care about uploading the mastered track to Soundcloud, it's completely free. You have to be careful to de-select some other options, such as being able to download a WAV of your mastered track, which it will suggest you opt for. You can always go back and pay for those add-ons later if you do want them.

I would recommend uploading an uncompressed WAV or AIF to LANDR. It will take a couple minutes to process your file, and then you can listen to a sample to see if you like the output. You can adjust the "intensity" of the mastering at that point, also.

From there, you should be able to connect your Soundcloud account to your LANDR account, and LANDR will push your mastered track over to Soundcloud as a private track. You can then hop over to Soundcloud to adjust the title/description/etc. of your song, and finally flip the switch to make the song public if you wish.

I've been using this flow throughout the current 50/90, and I've been pretty happy with the results. I do try to have good levels in my mixes before I send them off to LANDR, so sometimes the effect can be pretty subtle, especially if I already had a compressor on the master bus when mixing down.

Hey JS, -thanks.

-- I would guess so too; but being somewhat free, SC, not sure when or where that would start, or make it here. I think, there are a number of variables that may be moot in certain contexts. There's, a lot of just complaints, don't work, etc. ... Etc.

I just mixed one, with my assumptions in mind, and got a more, --no change result with it.

I think Xiangqi kind of answers it, confirms, -- and pending the file type, how rendered, vol., compression(s) of a kind, order of affect applied, I am "hearing" things LOL : )

-- Then again, I heard someone using a dog whistle the other day too... Don't know what frequency, but made me want to howl with the rest of the dogs they got going ; )