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On the My Mentions page there's a Soundboard Replies section that doesn't seem to work.

Let me use KHowie's page as an example.

I wrote a comment there and now there's a reply there. However, the soundboard replies section is empty. I'm not sure if I remember correctly how it is supposed to work.

I'm also getting weird error messages when I try to post comments or reply to comments on soundboards.

Hi Ianuarius! I tried replying to your comment but the site isn't letting me

Actually I think it just doesn't like

Testing out the "reply" function in the forums... Just testing. This is only a test.... Wink

Hmmm, I wonder if the formatting was supposed to be different to indicate that it was a "reply" to a particular comment in the forum (in this case to a post by @Ianuarius)?

It may be a bit before the soundboard replies gets addressed, as I know Eric has a lot on his plate for, erm, uh, y'know, his dayjob, ahem. Nevertheless: paging @Eric Distad.

OMG he has a day job ???? I thought he looked after us full time ! (just kidding Wink )

Ok @Ianuarius - try it now and let me know the results. I think it's fixed...

Seems to be working great! Thanks!

Am I right to assume that the Song comment replies are not displayed on this page?

Edit. Oh they're in the comments page. Nevermind then.