Souncloud player problem (Chrome) ?

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Anyone else seeing this?

On my Win10 desktop, I'm using chrome (ver 59.0.3071.115). The embedded Soundcloud player on the song page is there, but won't start playing the song. It was fine on Tuesday, but since yesterday has stopped working.

In MS Edge it works fine, so it appears to be specifically Chrome related.

I was having problems last night and this morning off and on. It's happening on Soundcloud as well (not just embedded files). Maybe we are overloading Soundcloud with our 50/90 awesomeness! Maybe they're just dealing with some technical issues.

Firing more than 40% of your staff can certainly create technical problems. But don't mind me; I've been annoyed at Soundcloud (and its change of focus from artist-friendly hosting towards being yet another Spotify-clone streaming service) for a while now.

I think this is probably a problem at Soundcloud's end. It's happened before. At least I can still get to the songs via Edge or by going directly to the Soundcloud page.

Have you tried the usual suspects i.e. clearing the cache etc?