Songwriting Podcast Recommendations?

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I have a long commute now (usually > 1 hr each way), so I've been listening to songwriting podcasts. Just about every podcast gives me a new songwriting idea.

Listening in chronological order with the Overcast App, I've listened up to 2013 and am slowly working my way to today (it probably will take a year or so).

Here is my current list:
- The Songwriting Podcast (abandoned in 2012)
- The Commercial Suicide Songwriting Podcast (2012-2016)
- Sodajerker On Songwriting
- Song Exploder
- Songcraft: Conversations with Great Songwriters
- Switched On Pop
- The UBK Happy Funtime Hour (listened to all of these, more about mixing/music production)
- Verse Chorus Verse
- The Art of Composing Podcast: Music Composition | Music Theory

If you have any other recommendations, please let me know.

The Simply Recording podcast is more about mixing, but also has some episodes about songwriting.

What are the songwriting podcasts even really about? To me the whole subject is a bit of a mystery. I make songs and that's about as far as I can think about it. But there are whole podcasts discussing about the subject?

I haven't got any podcast recommendations, but thanks for these ones! I'm just checking out Verse Chorus Verse at the moment, and the host has a lovely Scottish accent.

My cousin has a songwriting blog, though, which has plenty of interviews with songwriters (well known and less known), which is probably less suited to a commute but may be of interest!

These songwriting podcasts are more about developing your own songwriting process, sources of inspiration, lyric writing, interviews with songwriters about process and specific songs, and production. They're less about writing music, per se.