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By popular demand The podcast is going to start season 2 in a few weeks. Season one is still getting lots of downloads ( had around 3000 downloads in 23 countries now) so i better dust everything off and get on with it! I do have a fair few songs and artists already providing stuff but i would love some more! Let me know if you would like songs played or perhaps do a segment on some songwriting issue. (got to break up me talking all the time) or if you wish to be a featured artist and be interviewed! Thx in advance, its only the generosity of lots of you good people that has made this show fun to do and given enjoyment to so many people many outside this community

I'd let you interview me, if you'd like. Might be fun.

Congratulations on 3000 downloads! That's a great success. Count me in for any songs or interviews or other contributions.

Would you be interested in anything I have to say?

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Hey, it would be fun to do an interview. Let me know. Smile