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i thought it would be good to collect the songs tagged as humor here, if folks want to peruse songs for a laugh. i have a couple now, and here they are:

all this again: *17199

ten pounds of $#!+ in a five pound bag: *17316

please post yours here!

I never know whether to tag as humor, cos i try not to worry about being funny but know that is kinda my style... eg i have done one song... I don't know whether it counts as humor or not...

Okay, well I wrote a couple that were specifically joke songs. So here they are:
The 2nd is my favorite of the two.

I must laugh or else I'd cry. Cowbell always helps...

Here's one of mine:

I have another one, but it's so bad, I hesitate to post it - so I shan't!

ok, it is just a BIT off-color.

makin the rounds: *17446