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have you written a song based on an article? if so, would you like to post a link to it here? i have a couple of these, myself. i cannot remember what we have tagged such songs in the past-- does anyone remember?

EDIT: i remember now! tag your songs that are from articles, or that are real-life, either autobiographical or anecdotal, as #topical . thanks!

Are we talking only this yeas 50/90 songs? I wrote one a long time ago. It's on my CD and there's a music video of it. It was the result of me hearing the last line of a news report. Can I post that?

i don't mind-- go ahead, if you please. was it #topical ? was that what they were tagged with?

i'll start by posting a few i have seen that were inspired by articles/ current events:

[@Mel Gargimel] Words in my Mouth: *17084

from a collab by @writeandwrong and @AndyGetch :

You're Allowed: *16696

and one of my own:

@tsunamidaily :

the tipping point: *17229

one from @philmcmill :

blue vampire star: *16145

and one from @sapient and @Dirk Bag:

Juno: *16581

and one that my musical partner off of 50/90 is working up the music to:

half my friends: *18267

Okay, well here is the non 50/90 song I wrote years back. Recorded by my friend, Chris who is also the last and standing in the music video. The news story was about an over board cargo shipment (a story that has become quite famous and has inspired several books, including Eric Carle's book, 10 Little Rubber Ducks). All I heard of the story though was "... and 20,000 rubber ducks, lost at sea."

i cannot stop doing this, it seems.

stuck in belay:*18404

"The Postage Stamp" was written about a golf hole featured in this year's Open Championship. The article made it sound like
youd be lucky to make it out alive so I gave it that vibe. "Like a Viper" based on an article about Louis Armstrong getting busted for pot. Cats that got high on weed called each other vipers, referring to the hissing sound they made on the inhale.

planet B: *18969

done with mirrors: *19889