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One of the admins over at Songfight mentioned that it would be nice to get some fresh blood involved, so I thought I'd mention the latest challenge over here in case anyone fancies getting involved.

Songfight is basically like a skirmish - they supply a title and a deadline and (sometimes) an additional optional challenge. You write the song and submit it, and then people vote and a winner is chosen.

It runs all year round so it's a fun way to keep songwriting outside of the FAWM and 50/90 windows - I've been submitting on and off for much of the last year and I'm really happy with the extra productivity! @tcelliott is another regular entrant and a few other familiar names turn up from time to time.

If you fancy giving it a go, the new challenge is:

Title: "Square States"
Optional Challenge: "A Live Recording"
Deadline: Monday 13th August, 9:59am PDT (this usually isn't too strict, any submissions will be taken up until the next fight is announced)

Submissions should be named in the format "yourbandname_ss.mp3" (i.e. mine would be vomvorton_ss.mp3) and sent to [email protected]

There's a forum if you fancy signing up and discussing the fights although this isn't compulsory or anything:

I'll do another post later in the month when the next title is announced, hope to see a few people join in with this one!

I didn't enter the last fight but I might this time around. I'm still trying to submit art for each fight as well....

The reviews of the songs on the songfight forum have toned down from years in the past. At one time they could be pretty brutal. They are more likely to tell you what didn't work for them over there than here, but I'd say these days it's a pretty supportive group overall. (Also, you can skip the forums all together if you'd like.) You can check out past review threads and see what gets posted, too.

And it's another song toward your 50, right? Come on and enjoy the fun.

Quick bump for this in case anyone fancies getting something written today! I'm working on a track now.

I wrote and submitted a song a week ago. Figured I'd share here.

I've participated at Songfight a few times over the years but I've not entered recently although I still pop by now again.
I've notice the entrant numbers dwindling a bit lately

I feel they might get more participants if they'd come up with some more user-friendly titles - like the current "Square States" kind of means nothing to me, not at all inspirational. Yeah, I know you could say you have to push yourself but they don't seem to be doing themselves any favours with difficult titles. I wish the submission time period was longer sometimes too.

I’ve also participated in the past - six or seven songs, I think, about four years ago maybe. In my experience from way back then, the critiques were blunt but generally fair (I don’t know the current atmosphere over there). So as long as you know what you’re getting into, that’s perfectly fine. But still, it wasn’t what I was personally looking for, so I kind of drifted away. The whole “competition” aspect (with the voting and public tallies) wasn’t really my thing either - again, if one wants that, terrific, but it’s not what I, as a hobbyist who is well aware of my limitations, was really looking for.

Still, I’m tempted to have another go. By happenstance, I actually am inspired by this title. I guess I’ll see if I have time to do something quick before tomorrow morning’s deadline. (Of course, doing something quick and rough may be the wrong approach given the bluntness of the critiques! Biggrin )

They typically take submissions up until the fight master posts the songs... which can be at the deadline but is usually around three days after. This past fight had a longer time allowance, but I doubt that continues. But it's usually at least a week, sometimes ten days. But sometimes more or less than that.

I have bookmarked this to look at post 50/90. i will see how i go! I am in about 7 already. Songwrite Inn skirmishes, GYAWS, Fearless songwriter, 5 songs in a week , bridge to uke. Spite challenge, little acorn challenges!

Heh, after years of FAWMs and 50/90s, the 10-14 day deadline for Songfights seems like a near-infinite sprawl to me.

I'm not sure where they get their titles from but I've generally been impressed by them, there have only been a couple that haven't done much for me in the time I've been taking part. "Square States" is exactly the kind of unusual-but-full-of-possibilities title that I find inspiring.

@OdilonGreen the current forum atmosphere is mostly "quiet" - my one complaint for a few of the fights I've taken part in is that it seems quite common for only a couple of people to comment / review lately, although it varies.