Songfight! - Come write songs in the off season.

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Do you wanna keep writing songs, but you don't wanna do a song every two days? Do you wanna do some reviews and have your song reviewed as well? Do you mind if people are a little blunt and give you truly honest feedback? Come join us over at Songfight! Click on the boards and look around. Create an account and review the songs. You can even vote for your favorites if you'd like.

They post titles, not prompts. The title of your song has to be what they post. Or else people will complain. Of course, it doesn't bother me when people complain so...

I Used to Know You Better
Due: Monday, 10/14/19 9:59am PDT
optional challenge: Synth arpeggiator
yourbandname_iutkyb.mp3 sent to [email protected]