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I'm in for the next Songfight ( - title "Turn Off Your TV"
Anyone else here participated (or planning to participate) in Songfight while they're hanging out here?

Yeah, I did a song for the last fight and for this fight. I entered as Pigfarmer Jr.

I've already posted my current entry which I feel is kind of against the spirit of the reveal, but no-one really listens anyway. I might have tagged it songfight, maybe. *ponder*

Yeah, I did and so did you. #songfight shows my two and yours.

oh and @ElaineDiMasi entered the last one, I think. In fact, it might be her art work if I remember correctly.

Okay that's cool, good to know I'm not on my own.
Yeah I wondered about the "reveal" thing but it's not as though it's some big contest with anything at stake Wink

@the pannacotta army thanks for reminding of the existence of Songfight, remember looking at it a few years ago, but not daring to enter then. Will not be able to take part in the upcoming fight, but will try to attend the next one.

Bring it!

Fair warning to new songfight participants... they are ruthless... literally no-one named Ruth is there.... No, really. Just be prepared that someone will hate everything you do and question all of your musical decisions. Generally, they are good people and, once you get to know them, pretty damn helpful, but they are brutally honest in their opinion... which is often an abrupt reality check compared to FAWM and 50/90....

That's not to say they are correct. Often they are full of crap. But be prepared.

Just to echo @tcelliott's post, if you are thinking of participating make sure you don't mind a bit of honest (occasionally tough) criticism.
It's all good fun though really Wink

That's a better way of saying it.

Kinda sounds like 50/90 but with trolls instead of supporters! Biggrin I value good critiquing a lot but if that site is open to anyone regardless of their expertise level I'm curious as to how much benefit one can expect to get there. I am still toying with the idea of a Taxi membership to get some serious (but qualified) critiques.

To be fair, most songfighters don't review all the tracks. And the ones that do are generally the more experienced ones. Not that they are necessarily experts, but at least they've been doing music for a while. I should have phrased my warning differently, but basically, the community is supportive, especially if you ask for help. But it is also very blunt. You'll get more honest opinions. I find most 50/90 ppl will emphasis the strengths of a composition and gloss over or ignore the weaknesses. That doesn't really happen over there. But there are very, very few instances where someone was just being mean. If they don't like what you did, you'll know about it. But it won't be spiteful.

Yeah I hear ya. Here, and at FAWM, the mission is to be supportive and say what you like about a song. I enjoy that aspect a lot, both being on the receiving and giving ends.

But getting honest critiques is important too so I have a group of friends, some who write and some who listen, that I share songs with privately and try to get honest inputs.

I doubt I would be very receptive to receiving "serious" public critiques from anonymous folks whose songwriting abilities I might not even know (or respect).

That is why the Taxi thing is interesting to me. Pros who work in the industry, reviewing my song, offering critiques, privately. And of course you can still get a bad critique but I feel it will be way more useful for me. Sucks that it costs money! Smile