A song you heard, loved or wrote, --don't feel any different about now, 20, 30, 40 years later

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A song you don't feel any different about now, 20, 30, 40 years later, ---- Post is here? Who, what and why? What's up with it, you, other...?

I remember when someone with a strobe light adjustable turn-table was golden, since then, -- could sit and lift... the needle.

-- "If 6 was 9"

Long ago, and far away, in a lost land long forgotten, with never in those days, tabs, slo-mo-downer, -- nothing. No, just you-finga's, and a 5W Champ.

And, now, even "explained", this song I reference, offer here, -- still sounds, FEELS the same it did, when, e.g. ~ 12 y.o. There are many "songs" I hear now and think, my God, what was I thinking? Whew...

-- I remember washing dishes in a bar, under age, 'till past 12am..., long time, then, going to Manny's, NYC to get my first "good" guitar? Stupid "guitar teacher"... could'a just set up my classic electric Sears-gat, and MAPPED the NECK for me. OMG! ... it was never that hard, yet the stupid still teach -- it is. Why?

The creativity, and "who the hell knows" ... how to do it, little-bit exampled here, imo:

~~~~ So, what's yours? ~~~~

(eh, if any... I'm usually along on these things Smile ... that's ok, "I don't mind...")

It seems not much has changed since, circa '75, '80-ish... saw the work for no pay, up 'till 4am, way to much substance abuse, and thank God, took a different direction, -- where I am coming from... I feel the music I like, and don't get folks who don't, just note-for-note cover other peoples crap. Songwriters heart, indeed...

"I Don't Mind At All" by Bourgeois Tagg, though at best a radio hit, still rumbles through my head about 30 years after it was first released...

So many! Right off the top of my head, Funky Town, Abracadabra, Jessie's Girl, Little Red Corvette, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Bette Davis Eyes, The Conga.

Since we're all songwriters here, another interesting question would be what song have you written that years later you still think is good?

@Valerie Cox - When I first saw this thread, I too thought of that interesting question you mention, because of something that happened this morning:
I was looking through our shelf of old CDs for something to listen to in the car, and I came across a live recording I made almost 10 years ago at a local bar. It had two original songs, and both sounded pretty darn good! One was something I haven't played at all since then. It's called "Hurricane Knocking," and I wrote it right after we here in Florida had just gone through 2 brutal hurricane seasons. The other is called "Gas Food Lodging" and recently I did some - not much - editing because I want to start performing it again.
In response to the original question - I first fell in love with the music of Bruce Springsteen in 1980, 36 years ago. Four of his albums have incredible opening songs that are forever lodged in my brain - "Thunder Road" from Born to Run, "Badlands" from Darkness on the Edge of Town, "Ties That Bind" from The River, and the title track to "Born in the USA."

@Chip Withrow Isn't it fun to come across old songs that you had forgotten and think, hey, that's pretty good. It's a nice feeling. I haven't done that in a while, but I do have a few songs that I've written, some as long as 20 years ago that I still play for people and feel as though they are as strong as anything I've ever written. One in particular, if I did a set for you right now, I'm sure I would play. Which also gets me thinking if FAWMers took their lifetime collection of songs and had to compile a Greatest Hits album, I bet those would be amazing albums!

I reworded the header to be specific ... any song, any song at all. : )

I've only been writing like this, since circa 2005. I love them all, as I did when first finished. Actually, in my stack of lead sheets, I play stuff, and I, wife, others ask, -- who's stuff is that : ) So, I'm pretty happy still with my own stuff, if even forget, "oh yeah, nice song, and *I wrote it!" Yeah...

Back in 1981, listening to the radio, I started to hear a rather strange, minimalist track built over a vocal loop. It was always faded out early, but I heard enough to be intrigued and to buy it as a single. Seems lots of other people were too, because this bizarre, otherworldly track ended up getting to number 2 in the UK charts and every now and again I would start to hear it in its full 8 minute glory on the radio.

The song was Laurie Anderson's 'O Superman' and it still sounds like nothing else, is still otherworldly and I still love it as much I did back in '81.

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"In the Ghetto" is a song that always had a significant impact on me due to content and execution. "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree", is another, "King of the Road" because of good associations with the song, and the hymn, Amazing Grace, still hits me like the first moment I heard the lyrics--later I heard the story of John Newton that strenthened walking legs to Amazing Grace and has the same impact today when I hear it.

"Turn Up The Radio" by Autograph brings back the exact feeling it did when I was 16 and it was on the radio. It's not a great song and the album pretty much was mediocre at best (although the song "my girlfriend's boyfriend isn't me" still sticks in the brain.) But when I hear that guitar and the singer say "Turn it up!" I go right back to that feeling. I'm grinning just thinking about it.

There are lots of other songs that mean more to me (funnily enough, Hendrix really was a turning point in my life) that are "deeper" or more influential or "better" or whatnot. But that one song makes me feel EXACTLY the same.

Wow, so many songs, I have been playing since 2008 and writing since 2009 so none by me. I've been letting this roll around my brain. For me, it comes down to songs I wanted to learn to play. To name just a few The Who - I'm One; U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For; Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer; Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone; Johnny Cash - The Man In Black; The Beatles - A Day In The Life, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, etc.