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Song postings - Latest song on top of page. After #50, subsequent songs are mostly "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" on page 2, 3 etc.

That's an interesting idea. And it led me to want to share some commenting thoughts/ideas I've had:

I've been going back to listen to earlier songs - the ones we posted in the first week or two. Those are often the ones that already have the most comments, but I haven't heard them.
When you go to the "Songs," the latest songs posted are at the top. (I think what Larry is saying is that should be the case on our personal pages.) And I do go there to see what's been posted recently - those are also, of course, the people still active on the site.
I comment on songs by people who are active in the forums, too - I know they are more likely to read my comments than someone who posted songs in July and then left the site (and often, I'm sure, for good reason - kids back to school, work, health, etc.).
I don't have a watchlist anymore - it got too overcrowded with folks who are no longer participating. But reciprocating is sort of my watchlist - I figure if someone is listening to me, I'll be sure to listen back. That's another way to make sure I'm not just commenting on the latest songs.

Back to what Larry is saying - again, it's an interesting idea, but I don't think the site needs to be reworked (Eric and Jen and company do enough of that for us already) so much as those of us who comment should pay more attention to how we distribute them.
And by the way, I'm one of those who now has a Page 2 of songs. I've gotten a fair share of listens so far on those second page songs - one of them was a skirmish, and there's a lot of reciprocating there. One year after I hit 50, I did mainly banjo instrumentals and did not get a lot of response, but more than the songs being on a second page, I bet it was just too much of one thing.

I do the same thing @Chip Withrow, I try and comment on a song or 2 from everyone who comments on my songs. I often run rather behind on this, but usually spend time catching up at some point Smile
I also like commenting on more obscure lyric only songs, as they often don't get much love.
Doesn't bother me than songs are on a second page. if I like the music/songwriter enough, I investigate Smile

I agree about posting and reading others and i do comment a lot its not others pages that worry me. but i agree with (@ Kingswood cowboy) i would prefer my personal page upside down. Its not about others page its about my own. When i need to go to my profile page it automatically goes to the first page , so if i need to look at most recent song comments on mine i have to then click again to go to page 2, buy the end last time every time i went to profile i had to then click to page 2 then to page 3 to see comments on my most recent songs - which is where most comments where. Look i am truly greatful for what is provided its fantastic and if thats it so be it but but if i had a choice i would reverse it as when i am over 50 it is more difficult for me this way around

I'm not able to be as present as I would wish, but I'm trying to keep a rule of always trying to comment in triple my own number of comments and what getting me a little low is that many people simply do not share this courtesy of listening back. It's unfortunate because the most appealing idea that these challenges have - which is the sense of community and sharing - is not lived up to. But, let's keep on going.

I listen to most of the songs from the songs or watchlist. As a result I am typically commenting on more recent posts. When someone different comments first and I reciprocate, or sometimes on a whim to comment, I will go to the profile page and find a song that has fewer comments or the title catches my interest.

@AndyGetch - titles for sure lure me in!

Also, I've found that if you do a collab with someone, it shows up on your page at the time the original writer did it. So the lyrics by @Kingwood Kowboy that I set to music are now showing up as my first song, even though I added my demo 2 days ago. Not a big deal at all, nothing that needs fixing, just interesting.
As we enter September, I'm going to post a September Thoughts thread that includes my commenting strategies. I'm hoping it motivates us (me, too) for a last-month push.

I know I owe you a couple of comments, @phoenixash; it's just taking me a bit to get there.

I've suggested that the song sort order should be reversed in previous years. It would make it so much better for going to the latest track by a person, and would overcome 'page 2' syndrome.

It's interesting what Andy says about collaboration. There seems to be 2 different approaches. The one when you just add a collaborator and the one when you put it up a second time! The advantage of the second is as i understand it that it comes up as a new song and people then see it. I've seen both this year.

I've been pretty good about keeping out of the forums this year and concentrating on commenting on songs. However, I think Larry's point is valid. What I'm saying is I prefer my newest songs to be on top for everybody to see when they visit my page. The truth is I'm a lot better now than I was back in July. Just my opinion though and I'll be seeing all of you in your songs and on your soundboards.