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For some reason, songs don't play in the player for me, but open up a new tab in my browser. Has anyone else seen this? It's a pain. It's probably some extension or setting but I haven't been able to diagnose it. I do notice that the actual button comes with a target=_blank. Is that really in the code or is it something my browser is adding?

I think it might be on purpose. I know last year it was frustrating that if you commented when the song was playing the whole page would reload and the music would stop.

So does it happen for you too?

What browser are you using? My browser (Firefox 47) doesn't do that?

Are you talking about the Link next to the song on the songlist below the player @downburst ? That link is programmed to open in a new tab - the idea was that you could open the song and comment without stopping the player.

@Eric Distad: the actual player "button." It works on my phone (I.e., it plays in place) but in my browser (Firefox) it opens a new tab.

It happened to me when I clicked too fast and the page wasn't 100% done loading (even though I could read it all.) At least I think that is why....

Weird. I just tested on Firefox and Chrome and they both work correctly for me. I'm not sure what would be causing that behavior for you... but that would definitely not be by design.

I've had this happen occasionally in Chrome, similar to @tcelliott I think it may have been clicking on the player before the page is fully loaded, but I'm not sure. Refreshing the page and trying again has sorted it each time. Odd.

It usually happens to me when Flash needs updating; Firefox will block older versions of the Flash player.

That's a good thought, Chris, but it still happened after I updated. It must be an extension--I have many crazy thingumabobs running. Doing the binary search now.


Oh, thanks for that info! Mine was doing that. Fixed now.