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-- For those who consider this, and are still around here:

How do you "order" your songs?

Do you use different methods for different applications?

And, I do hope, aside from an opening theme song, that it's not by most popular Lol -- but, I guess some may do that, (gud'nuff then!).

I realize that there are several "methods", --just wondering what folks may practice "here", if they do.

Order for what?

In my own playlist it's by date written. But I don't share that with anyone else. Over at the APC, it'll be what flows well together.

Also confused with for what. I also am indifferent to my unsuccess-full-ness so feel free to ignore my answers across the board:
- One live gig reference is where people are listening and watching like at the music association I belong to, ACMA, for a half-hour opening set. There I usually pick my best four songs and more familiar to them to start and end with. In the two to four songs middle I pick one that has a connection to the headliner, one or two of my fave new songs, and maybe one I haven't played in awhile. For shorter sets the middle ones get whittled down.
- A second is playing on a streaming service, lately it has been, usually an hour set. There I start slow and end with my best songs. There I play a lot of originals by choice, some friends originals, and a few covers.
- A third is when I play for a specific audience. For example, an acoustic music/yoga class at the studio @Chip Withrow owns. People were not watching, but sorta semi-listening to the music and the yoga teacher prompts alternately. There I picked gernerally positive and family friendly songs to match the energy level of the class. Start slow during the warm-up, build up energy to a peak 30-45 minutes in, then mellow down again during the cool down period with almost sleepytime music during the final resting pose, savasana.
- A fourth is when I am background (or just plain ignored) music. There I just play what I feel like, usually pacing myself with a mix of covers, friends covers, and originals. I experiment a lot and it is a good place to try out new original or new-to-me playing the cover live songs, not to see what the reaction is, but to see how I feel playing it in front of people when relatively no one is listening.
Album/CD's (On Bandcamp/Soundcloud)
- Two live sequences are directly from a performance each, so the order is the order as I played the songs.
- One honest-sorta-meant-to-be-complete album from last NaSoAlMo where the order was based on loosely following a story arc and juggled a bit like @tcelliott what flowed well to my ear. Another EP that is three songs so not much thought to order there.
- Two other live assemblages from the farmers market that @Chip Withrow and I play at. Recordings from different times during the year, mainly the order went by my gut and ear.

Yes it's a bit like serving pizza, I'm glad to add anchovies and pineapple if only I'd known Lol

My order never changes, only the groupings change.

-- What grouping, seems to be very tricky lately, not the ordering.

So, that was helpful, thanks. Ambiguity works, -- sometimes; you never know whatchagonna get, and more Wink

I don't know. This year, as my album is a loose concept album, I'm ordering them by how well they would fit into the story line/themes. That's why my song "The End of it All" is placed at the end of the album because it's self-explanatory.
Also, there are about four songs about my school's production of the Wizard of Oz, so I'm placing them in chronological order (rehearsals, more rehearsals, performances, after-party).

For me, there's song order for what I do for 50/90 or FAWM, song order for a gig, and song order for an album.
For 50/90 or FAWM - I try to not do two songs in a row the same way. So if I do a solo acoustic guitar blues, the next one might be electronic insrumental with multiple tracks. Also, I try to use a variety of instruments, so maybe no two banjo songs in a row. (I break this intention quite often).
For a gig, if it's a yoga class I follow the arc of a class, and often it's just guitar and no voice. If it's a festival or our market, I try to do one original for every two or three covers. Occasionally, I've been asked to do a Grateful Dead-themed gig or a reggae themed-gig. I am solo acoustic, but I can oblige most any theme like that.
And as my pal @AndyGetch does, I play whatever I want if no one seems to be listening. Occasionally I'll have just one or two people listening and I'll play for/to them - often that happens at the market where Andy and I perform.
I'm involved in the Album Production group now, and I think I'm doing a year-in-my-life order for my solo acoustic album - 2-3 from FAWM, 2-3 from the skirmish group, the rest from 50/90. And an instrumental album that follows the arc of a yoga class.
And, like [@nutation], I'm also curious about who is still around here.

I usually strive for a variety in time signature, tonal center, tempo, and mode... avoiding too many similar elements from song to song... you're stuck with my voice (and probably my guitar) for each song anyway, so I like each song to contrast and sound like something new. In live settings I often try to go from one song to the next without stopping (I hate small talk between songs, so I avoid it) --- and this can sometimes become a big challenge, but I enjoy it. I'm considering the Album Production challenge, and song order will be a big part of that. Not only for the musical variety, but also because there is a bit of story and theme to the songs that may need to develop across the scope of the album. I love concept albums and careful consideration of song order. It lifts us out of the realm of singles, and into a larger art form--- the album. I think albums are ready to make a _big_ comeback among discerning listeners. A three minute single can't help but be one-dimensional.

For myself, I put it in chronological order. When the playlist was set to random, it felt new and fresh. Surprising
I'm trying to do the album production thing. Going very slow right now Sad Haven't decided what songs yet, as I'm still working on super basic stuff - figuring out melody, basic chords.

I think an album should start off with like your strongest songs.

Hey @izaak -- yes, I think Albums are in a come back perch. Actually, I think the more raw, demo ones as well. Several months back "Jack White" realease all or allot of his bounce track stuff. Some may argue what's the difference Lol hahhh, well, I have diverse tastes. Anyway, if one watches they may notice things of that kind occurring.

I just got a collaboration, due to my new interest, ... a collaboration album with "Charlie Musselwhite". And, it was not in the dollar bin Wink

-- Yes, Album days may be back, and in limited vinyl release as well ... well, one can dream.