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Write a song that is about your relationship to, or a story based on hearing a particular song and include specific song references.

One example of a full story about the first time hearing a song is Rodney Crowell "I Walk the Line Revisited", a story song describing the first time Rodney heard the Johnny Cash song "I Walk the Line".

Other examples built around a song are

- Bruce Springsteen "Highway Patrolman" where the chorus refers to "dancing all night with Maria while the band played The Night of the Johnstown Flood"'
- Bruce Springsteen "Land of Hope and Dreams" referring to "People Get Ready" by Curtis Mayfield and an antithesis of "This Train" by Woody Guthrie
- John Prine "Lake Marie" humming the tune to "Louie Louie", and by coincidence, using the same chord progression
- Pink Floyd "Vera Lynn" about the 40's pop star and referring to the song "We'll Meet Again"

List other examples here or post a link to your new 5090 song written based on this challenge. Tag it #songstory

"And the Band Played 'Waltzing Matilda'" (Eric Bogle, the Pogues)

A nice idea - I have that in my mind. I plan to do a song about some memories of long gone summer holidays...

Neat idea.

'Everybody just kept on playing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"'
- Summer Rain, by Johnny Rivers

Good ones @downburst @PhilKMills

A couple more
"Me and Del were singing Little Runaway" Tom Petty - Running Down a Dream
Johnny Cash - Daddy Sang Bass

Here is a skirmish I did today based on this challenge

Joni Mitchell, "Chinese Cafe / Unchained Melody":
Down at the Chinese Cafe
We'd be dreaming on our dimes
We'd be playing "Oh my love, my darling"
One more time

I inadvertently included a bit of Weezer's "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly" in one of my songs that used the same chord progression, but I like the idea of writing a song specifically about another one.

And when the Beatles tell you
They've got a word "love" to sell you
They mean exactly what they say

Peter, Paul and Mary

and then there are the songs that refer to themselves, as well:

"the tennessee waltz" is a song about... "the tennessee waltz."
"song for the asking" by simon and garfunkel.
the hymn "blessed assurance" says, in the first line of the chorus, "this is my story, this is my song."

and how could i forget "your song" by elton john and bernie taupin? "i sat on the roof, and i wrote down this song."
"and you can tell everybody this is your song."

@downburst Yes! I know so few Eric Bogle fans. It's sure good to hear someone mention his name.

Yes, wonderful to hear Eric Bogle mentioned, @downburst and @katpiercemusic. I actually saw him in concert once, at a very small venue, and he sang his poignant song 'The Green Fields of France' (also known as 'The Band Played Waltzing Matilda'). It was memorable.

"Play It All Night Long" by Warren Zevon:

"Sweet Home Alabama"
Play that dead band's song
Turn those speakers up full blast
Play it all night long

@barbara ah, sweet Joni
@jcollins cool one
@tsunamidaily sort of a self-referential-meta-song that Tennesee Waltz was Smile

oh yeah @miltz that's right that the Lynryd Skynryd song Sweet Home Alabama referenced Neil Young - Southern Man
"I hope Neil Young will remember, a southern man don't need him around, anyhow"
A reference song to a reference song Smile

Synapses fire and I just remembered Shel Silverstein - A Front Row Seat to Hear Old Johnny Sing
"Hey, John you walk the line,
Do "Deelia" one more time
And when you do them Cottonfields
You warm this heart of mine."

so this is the most referential mashup in history, though by no means the most reverential?

@Donna Devine: strange to say, "The Green Fields of France" is a different song entirely, and is actually called "No Man's Land." And stranger yet, Eric Bogle wrote yet *another* song called "The Waltzing Matilda Waltz"! And Tom Waits wrote a song called "Tom Traubert's Blues" which is sometimes incorrectly called "Waltzing Matilda." It's a confusing world.

Here's Eric's lyrics page if anyone's interested:

Here's a song about a song by the Eagles, among other things. *18079

This song alludes to a Beatles tune. *16978

"When The Band Was Playing Shakin'All Over" by The Guess Who.

I saw this post, and it stuck... came back to it today -- I was simply seeking to "write one thing a day" (ala 5090, --krappe or not...) and this cliché came to mind "no bout a doubt it", certainly public domain, common cliché, so to speak.

-- I googled it, after writing what I wrote...

Well, among many things I love, I do love '70's era Funk Bands, et al. and came upon,
--- Graham Central Station. "Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It"
(gotta luv that album cover art, --period).

So, after writing my lines of krappe : -) , back that reference above into it, for "this" post. So, is what you ask here, but as I do, yet, -- in reverse of it.

Oh well... Smile

[Song Challenge Tag it #songstory]

Actually, references 2 songs from the Blues Brothers movie, or maybe one song and some favorite Lines in the movie:

To me that whole movie is a music video : ) and, I was noodling while watching it, in pieces again.