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I am at a music festival at the moment. Yesterday my time, a band called Ohana played to a full house, at the festival, there new EP released that day. Second song was a song i wrote last year called Dance with me one more time! It was amazingly received. Later loads of people came to me saying how much they like it including one lady clearly moved by a memory it stirred in her, It was a lovely experience one that does not happen often!

Awesome! I’m gonna have to check it out

Aw, that's a great thing to hear. I'm so glad you were able to be there for that. Congrats!

@coolparadiso, that is awesome! Congratulations!!!

That's wonderful! Thank you for sharing it!


I'm happy for you. Great stuff.

Congratulations dear! Hope you keep getting this success you surely deserve it!

congratulations @coolparadiso

Excellent - glad you were able to experience that.

That is really cool. It's always nice to know that your song really touched people.

yay nice one, congratulations