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The first two comments I posted didn't "pop up" on the comments of the song. If I refresh the page they show up. Not a big deal, but kind of odd.
I'm using firefox 47.0.1 and it says it is up to date. @Eric Distad

I initially misinterpreted the thread title and thought, 'Yeah, I've had a few like that, too'.


So they are refreshing now. Both of the times it happened to me it was the first comment. So either it is fixed or it only happens on the first. No-one else seems to have noticed so....

Has happened to me but I'm trying to pace myself with comments since it's not July 4 yet here.

@tcelliott, it's happened to me intemittently, and on comments that were not the first. But as you said in your first post, refrehing the whole page does the trick.

it has always been that way for me, in 50/90. i thought it was par for the course.

I have the same first comment issue where I don't see it without a refresh. When I make a comment on a page with existing comments, mine shows immediately. I am currently using (an old version of) Safari 5.1.10 on a laptop.

I have the same trouble. My first song comment is now a double post. The funny thing is that I can't seem to edit any of my song comments. I do a lot of editing when commenting ... or I used to do. @Eric Distad to rescue!?

EDIT. Oh, never mind. I tried F5 and the window for editing opens up so now I can edit my song comments too.

Hmmm... This might be a side affect of the update to comment - Ajax Comments - which allows you to post comments while the song is still playing without it interrupting. I'll check out the cache settings

OK - It should be fixed now. Please let me know if you keep seeing issues.

@Eric Distad, I cannot edit any song comment I have left. The ajax busy indicator displays but the editor never pops up.

Fix one bug and another pops up... *sigh*... I've turned off Ajax commenting on songs for the moment, until I can find a fix. Thanks for the heads up @johnstaples

Yes I had this problem last night, slowed down my commenting!