Sometimes the check by a song shows up ...

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... but mostly it doesn't. That is nice to know which songs I have already commented on. Of course, I can live with it as is, but that is a most excellent feature. (maybe it takes time, because I just re-visited a few pages and the check marks are there!).

Kinda random for me. Mostly I have to click songs and search for my comment. Ugh! Wish the check always worked.

They seem to be working perfectly now!

The profile section that contains the check mark is cached, because it's underlying queries are very intensive. So there's a possibility the check may not show up immediately, but should be there consistently within a few minutes. If it's a major issue, we can try to disable the cache for that view, but I wanted to get past the first couple days first - that's when the rush hits and the server gets hit for the most resources.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem now that I know the reasoning behind it. Thanks for the great web site!