Something New from Me

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I thought I'd shamelessly promote my newest creation.

MojoBat's Music 4 Media 2016 vol.1 (preview below)

It was a lot of work. The easiest part was creating the music (some new, some taken from this year's FAWM).
The long-winded and challenging stuff was putting together documents and registering with various websites to cover all the logistical side of things.

I've released a royalty-free music collection and I'm trying out a platform I recently discovered called Fiverr, which initially I was very sceptical of, but after trying it out anyway has brought me some online session work and given me the hope that I might just be able to sell some of my music if I get it right.

Anyway, I'm not hinting that any of my beloved FAWMer and 50/90 buddies buy anything, but if you do feel compelled to share or recommend in any way you're more than welcome to.

I'll be updating my websites soon to encompass the new direction and if this works out I'll do more volumes.