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I've felt it. I'm sure we've all felt it. We start falling into patterns. We create our own personal conventions in song writing and then eventually we feel like we're stuck with them. I've seen it on a lot of liner notes here. Stuck in a rut. So here's my proposal for getting out. Listen to a song with a tag that grabs your interest... one that you've never used and find surprising. Listen to the song. Pull elements from the song that you've never tried before and create your own. Like maybe someone wrote a song in 5/4 and you've never tried that, or maybe someone chose a topic you've never written about. There's no hard and fast rules. Just try something you've never tried before. Post the song that inspired you and the song you wrote here. I haven't tried this yet, but I will before I go visit family next week. If you like tagging things, tag it "New technique."

Great idea, Kat! I'll give this a go today. Thanks for the inspiration to try new things Biggrin