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George Harrison was a very fine ukulele player and so here is my cover of Something with a few ukulele parts. I've seen Paul McCartney do his version of this and he starts with a very strummy almost George Formby ukulele part before going into a full band section. I always thought that this was not quite right and so here is my way of doing the song with more respect to the ukulele as an instrument and to George Harrison as a ukulele player. I also added a slide ukulele part to reflect George Harrison's slide guitar work.




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nice slinky ukelele work. i like the slow elastic pace, vocals remind me a bit of music from big pink. that slide uke is really cool.

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Very gentle and personal. Lots of expression and some fine uke playing not used to hearing bending sliding notes... Special. Great thinking to do it this way. Works a charm.
Thanks for your kind words again.

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Well done. You're a master Uke player, and uber-dubber, -- "that's not your father's Buick" your playing there Smile

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Really really great ukulele work here.
I like the subtle background vocals.
I'm sure George would think this was wonderful.
Nice solo.
Really quality version overall.
So good.