My voice is still shot. And I was probably ambitious recording it in the same key as George in the first place, but there you go. As Bill commented, the initial mix was very muddy (and unbalanced) so I've gone back to it and tightened it up.

The strings are two stereo tracks of Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer, the bass is my Ibanez RG-9. So this is what I sound like with one mono and fifteen stereo tracks of guitars...


Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me
I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe and how

Somewhere in her smile she knows
That I don't need no other lover
Something in her style that shows me
Don't want to leave her now
You know I believe and how

You're asking me will my love grow
I don't know, I don't know
You stick around, now it may show
I don't know, I don't know

Something in the way she knows
And all I have to do is think of her
Something in the things she shows me
I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe and how




Roddy's picture

This is a big and really good production, sweeping guitars and excellent drumming. Your voice is more than good enough for this and sounds good including the lovely harmonies. You've got the McCartney baselines too! Doing the guitar solo properly is a challenge and you did it very well.

billwhite51's picture

the harrison tone on the guitar is remarkable...vocals are more than okay. the production is big but the sound gets a little muddy at times. pulling a few things back might be a goid idea, but it sounds fresh and bold as is

ustaknow's picture

That's quite an accomplishment, -- regardless of the fine points concerning mix and etc., not really important since we all know what that's about.

I think pushing to another key makes for a vocal harmonic one can't otherwise obtain, -- sounds right to me. (I'm not a big, "knowing" fan of theirs, but didn't he push up to get "that", and save certain songs for end of set or not do "live", anyway?) -- Well, another to fine a point maybe Smile as well.

Great job! Now, back to making your own "hits"...

lowhum's picture

Sounds a bit like they did it later with jeff lynn, but man you got that guitar spot on. there is some spacey feeling between the back vocals protruding into the 70s.

Wolf Kier's picture

Just finished listening to Roddy's version of this song and saw yours in the list. Nice full orchestrated version. The song lends itself to so many interpretations = great song. Great job!

ampersandman's picture

Impressive production. The string sounds, the thick guitar tone ... You even nailed the basslines. Just beautiful.

Fuzzy's picture

Oh yeah, so great.
I'm loving the heavy, full production,
Great vocals.
Wow, you've opened a whole new window on this song.
Totally wonderful work here for sure.

atitlan's picture

Probably the best song on Abbey Road. Really good, full production version. As others have said - the guitars are great.

JamKar's picture

An ambitious and sucessful cover. That full out guitar wall is unmistakably Harrison territory. Bonus points for Roland guitar synth.