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Completely apropos of nothing, but some days as a musician are just magical. I worked at the Lakewood Lions Club Renaissance Faire this weekend. I did it last year too. It's a small 1 weekend show, and last year there weren't a lot of people, and they weren't very enthusiastic. This year there were a bunch of new acts and a couple of old ones. I was taken care of by the Knights of Avalon when I got a migraine. I made friends with a side show geek who later shoved nails in his face, and breathed fire, and a vaudevillian magician with amazing patter and great taste in puns, and a fantastic juggler who had a love for Roger Miller. There was a whole slew of ren rats (kids of performers and vendors) who were intensely interested in everything that was going on. After 2 days I was getting hugs from them and they were shouting requests. I met a guy who is good friends with Eric Bogle, and he shared some great stories about one of my favorite musicians. I messed up on some of my songs, which is bound to happen during 50/90 because my brain is full and I forget things, and even more so when I'm having a migraine, but there was so much love in that crowd.

I've worked faires for over 20 years. In the last few years I got kind of jaded and turned off by them. This brought back all the magic. No one worried about their damned accents or whether their costume was period. Everyone was just weird and wonderful and together. Really brought the magic back. I just wanted to share that with someone.

Awesome! That truly sounds magical and wonderful! So glad it was a great experience and glad you shared it!

Sounds like you had a great time - especially sweet given last year's experience.

SO happy that you had such a great experience. Smile