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i am falling behind my listening quota.....only because there so many great songs and wicked lyrics and I sometimes listen to a song 2 or even three times.
Wonderful group of talented people. Anyone else find the song quality really excellent this 5090??

And i will say that some of the best songs are just guitar/piano/what every but the song delivery is full of emotion. In addition the sound production quality is getting better every year...I am certainly falling behind in that category also.:-(

Yup, so many good things to hear. I'm trying to pick up little things from everyone I listen to. I'm so impressed by the recording quality that so many have here.

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This is just my second 50/90, but have done fawm for a while. I'm blown away every year during fawm even though I now expect it. Moreso during 50/90 it seems when some things get some more time spent on them, and there's even more things that just get posted as half-baked ideas(which are usually my favorite anyway) Biggrin

I'm doing okay with listening, but falling behind in that as well. I usually can't listen to more than 3 or 4 before I want to go play something. I usually do my listening while working, but can't really do that this summer.

My personal goal is to keep the overall recording quality level down a little for mere mortals to reach. Wink But yeah, lots of great stuff!

I think there are always great songs of all kinds and levels of production in 50/90 but what i have noticed this year is a bunch of really high quality songs from people i have never heard or seen before. I have also noticed more or at least more visible discussion and delivery of collaborations including multiple people collaborating and that is such a cool thing!

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YES! Coolparadico you are so right.... many collabs. I missed saying that I'm glad you did.