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I've got a song to upload, and will soon have two. But my internet provider, Telstra, has decided to throw a fit. Thanks for nothing Malcolm "Fizza" Turnbull. Sad


Yeah, what is it with the Aussie internet, @Guitar Kim ?? I love how there are free wifi networks almost anywhere in Adelaide, but I hate how unreliable they are.

I think the internet is collapsing under the weight of the post-election blues. (And I've got wholly unrelated issues derailing me, starting--yes!--July 4th. WHich si why I continue to be a fizzer, @izaak

We were almost going to have some decent cable internet in Australia, but then politics happened.

I had my studio computer miraculously installing 137 (NOT kidding) updates before I could upload my first song.
I usually don't use it for internet stuff, so I disabled automatic updates, dunno, what triggered this...
That seriously sucked!

Windows 7? Are you sure this isn't Windows 10 sneakily preparing the ground to write itself in and wipe out your non-compliant studio??

hehe @boon, the cursed forced update. I have vague recollection of rebooting my laptop (for some reason) just before I was going to print some deadline ready documents and then having to wait over night.

Yes, I get your frustration; I have nonexistent internet service - I live out in the forest and can not get internet AT ALL. I have to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot and have a mere 3 gigs IN TOTAL to work with per month. I find it rather limiting.