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Ok, I'll admit it. I'm absolutely smitten by the new Abba song "I Still Have Faith in You" - have listened to it at least six times today. There, I said it. Now maybe I can get back to my life.

I love it too. It's great.

yep i love it too. there is something very special about this reforming

The other new song, "Don't Shut Me Down," is awesome, too.
I had the single records of their hits in the '70s, and in the last year or so I've become re-acquainted with their music. (My teenage daughter made me watch the Mamma Mia movies, and it turned out that I really liked them.)
Abba is now in that category of "I wish I could write songs like that" artists - such smart pop gems. And their deep cuts (check out the Apple playlist) are often better than their hits.

I have not heard the new songs, but I will admit for the first time in public that ABBA is one of my guilty pleasures.
Such wonderfully crafted and produced pop tunes!

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Biggrin I just saw yesterday about them going back on "tour" hard pass from me on that.

I'm with you @Fuzzy and I'll admit it as well, but haven't heard the new stuff yet either.

Must admit to not bring a huge fan of Abba but have enormous musical respect for them. That Benny is one hell of a musician, when you study the music you see it is very complex yet seems so simple. He did stuff in the day that no-one else even thought to do! I have listened to both songs a few times and they have cleverly recaptured the Abba sound yet changed enough to sound a bit different. I did like “Don't Shut Me Down” best but they are both well crafted songs. They are still brilliant at working the media and what an inspired idea to do this re-creation of their younger selves using “gollum” technology, watch others follow them!