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Here is the addy for the Fawm slack room:

And here is the link if you want to sign up and be a part of the chattiness this 50/90 (or next FAWM.)

Come by and say hi if'n you like.

I don't do FAWM. What is the slack room?

Well, it's a chat room. Kind of like IRC. (Most modern chat rooms want to go above and beyond the functionality of IRC.)

If you've never heard of IRC: think of it as kind of like a real-time forum, but with a lot less people, or like instant-messaging with a group.

Yep - Yammy said it - It's a big Group Instant Message kinda thing. a few of us hang out there year round, a few pop in from time to time. During FAWM and 50/90 we're usually active there during skirmishes. Grab an invitation and drop by and say hi Smile

The link above is suppose to allow you to sign up. If someone signs up through that link and it works (or doesn't work) could you post and let us know?


Note to self: 138 members signed up to the slack room as of this post.

Slack shows
"Don't have an account on this team yet?
Contact the team administrator for an invitation"
for me. Can I have an invite please?

Thanks @headfirstonly - I figured as much. If someone will try the following link.

I have just tried it and it worked. Thanks for the link.

Sweet! thanks much for responding.

@tcelliott I'm already a Slack member, but get the message that I won't be able to participate unless I upgrade my MacBookPro operating system to Sienna, which I don't want to do just at the moment. Is there some kind of workaround?

Yay, I'm in!

Yeah. I'm in!

Donna, sorry, but that seems to be an operation issue. I don't know much about it. I can use slack in the phone with their app, however.

@tcelliott I tried to get an invite but it told me my username was in use so I tried resetting password and was able to log in. Went into the chat and said "hi" but I don't think anyone was there or else I was talking to myself! Smile

Do you have any plans to have a consistent meetup time in the chatroom? That might be cool to know a time of day when one would be most likely to get to chat with others.

Thanks for raising awareness of this or setting it up or for everything!!

I'll be spending some evenings in there and weekends when free. Typically it's hit or miss. Tasha and Yam655 and a few others are generally around. there is a way on the computer to see who is in the room. The little split screen icon at the top next to the search engine will toggle it on and off. You'll see a members list. If it has a dot they are on line, if it has a Z in it then they haven't been active for a bit.

There's been a few times when I've been around and missed someone because I was in another window or recording or whatnot.

But to your further point, if I see a good time I can be around, I'll let everyone know. Thanks for checking it out.

The slack chat gets pretty active during Skirmishes, where sometimes spontaneous skirmish collabs can take place. Also, you can scroll back indefinitely on the chat, so you can catch up on the posts since your last visit, and reply.

anyone wanna go there now?

Joined! Whee!

Back in town and will be in/out depending on the day and time. Of course, H.S. softball has started in Missouri, so I'll be away more than usual. (Also, my daughters team just won the Joplin tournament!) *cheer*

there right now, (in the chat room that is)
tho... probably not for a huge amount of time, but if you're in the neighborhood, stop in..

giving this a bump... just for the heck of it (and so i can find it easier!)

i'm going in.. cover me! Smile

nobody is ever there...

a few of us are there now!