Skirmishing - six titles in your own time

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With it getting close to the finishing line, I thought that I would post up six potential title/theme ideas for people;

1. Love's Dream
2. Grey Haired Blues
3. If You Want To
4. Somewhere Special
5. No Doubts
6. What We Need

I like these titles, and maybe I'll get to one of them. You might want to re-post this for FAWM.
Also, I tweaked a few of your ideas a bit with some fill-in-the-blanks:

1. ___'s Dream or Love's ___
2. Grey ___ Blues or ___ Haired Blues
3. If You Want To ___

The other three could probably be tinkered with in that way, too.

I like these a lot - As Chip suggested, keep in mind for the next FAWM! I feel disinclined to do any new songs today. All 5090'd out! Smile