Skirmishes? Do we want to start setting up a few to get them on the calendar?

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I figure if we start planning them now, then more people have feedback about when works where? I am pretty much available around the clock with advanced notice to run skirmishes.

So lets talk about Skirmishes? When do we want them? SuperSkirmishes monthly?

If I"m stepping on anyone's toes by starting this thread, apologies and I defer - if not - then I'll be the person to step up!

Well, @corinne54 traditionally has run a Sunday mid-afternoon (3pm EST) skirmish. A lot of folks here have hosted skirmishes at various times, but other than Sunday afternoon I can't think of any long standing skirmishes. Getting notice is helpful, maybe others had regular skirmishes too. The schedule initiative is a plus, although I rassled with the naming conventions LOL. Super skirmishes in 50/90 around 2012 to 2014 were mostly organized by @plainwhitetoast, The last couple of years its been a group effort. The more the merrier I say!

Start scheduling them!!!

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Yeah, please start the schedule so that I may be ready when the time comes. Completing a skirmish is one of my goals this 50/90.

As well as being willing to co-host at least a couple of the Super-Skirmishes, I’d like to host one or two of my own skirmishes (‘normal’ ones though – not ‘Super’).

So I’ll start by putting dibs on MONDAY, AUGUST 21. Smile

I seem to recall that during FAWM a separate section was created for Skirmishes to make it easier to follow their progression (as the numbering became confusing). @Jen Distad or @nancyrost Will that be happening for the 50-90 as well?

I know this was posted in the "challenges" forum but there is a proper "Song Skirmishes" forum here as well. We can start organizing this stuff over there if we like?

In my opinion, there should be at least one super skirmish each month, although I know it takes some arrangements (but hey, here we are already).

Maybe it's good to have a super skirmish at during the last weekend before the end. I know this has happened before. The one time I managed to make 50 songs, I did 6 songs in two super skirmishes, so that's 12 already. Maybe if I could double that, it'd be half my songs. Mmm... so how about four? Biggrin

In addition, I wouldn't want to start with a super skirmish, as I probably have a lot of inspiration to spend more time on individual songs then and there. Maybe the second week?

@metalfoot - I didn't see the Skirmishes forum, so I put it here, but feel free to move or restart.

I just wanted to get the conversation going about skirmishes - How it was done before is great - I just remember last year (my first year) that 50/90 is slower paced than FAWM, and people don't check the forums daily and sometimes only weekly - so if we start the communication now, we have a greater chance at more people participating! Smile

I'm up for doing a skirmish every Sunday at 3PM EST - With the caveat that I can opt out if I want to go out instead of being holed up in my apartment that day! Biggrin

Yay, @corinne54! Love your Sunday skirmishes! Smile

If there's enough interest, I'm up for hosting a skirmish every week or two - either on Saturdays or maybe on a weekday.

Has there been a public calendar with the skirmishes on them in the past, like Google calendar? I'd be happy to set it up and maintain it if no one else is doing that already. Let me know - also - on naming conventions - I remember there's always a little confusion about it. Who has been the authority on it, and what is the established format so I can get this calendar going - and we're all clear about it. Smile thanks guys

I don't think we've used a community calendar in the past. It certainly could help.

We did kind of use the wiki (from the old 50/90 site) to track them, but it looks like that stopped somewhere around the same time I took a break from songwriting challenges.

I've been out of the loop for a couple of years, so I don't know if there is a current standard convention for naming skirmishes. I have ideas, if there is not one.

There are already a few skirmishes listed in the 'Skirmish Section'. Some regular ones and some one offs for special occasions Smile

And yes, there was a standard used during 50/90 last year, near enough the same as in FAWM as far as I remember.

We should try to get a Superskirmish organized soon. We haven't had one yet.

I think someone is discussing it in the Skirmish section ?