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Its seems I've screwed up somewhere, in terms of tags and times on the Sunday Skirmishes

As for times:
I was using 3PM EST, 12PM PST and 8PM GMT for many years. Then I was advised that was wrong, so was using what someone else had posted in the other skirmishes: 2:00 PM CDT (3:00 PM EDT, 12:00 PM PDT, 8:00 PM BST, 7:00 PM UTC) 9:00 PM Mainz (I've no clue what Mainz is, but I included it, since someone else had it in their skirmish time!)

Now, in the latest skirmish thread, it looks like that's not right either - What should it be?

As for tags - To use #, or not to use #?
Since I'm in the US, I'm going to put the month, then day - I see other skirmishes show the day, then month

I think EST, PST and GMT are right for FAWM since we're not on daylight saving time. For 5090 we are on daylight saving time so PDT, CDT, BST are correct.
As to the tag, most folks have been using MMDDYY which is common in the US. If I was King it would be YYMMDD because it sorts correctly. But, fortunately, I'm not. It's most important to be standard for searches.

I agree re time zones Smile
And I am in Ireland so I put DD/MM/YYYY Wink

Use what you want. It's great when we are all on same page, but it's nearly impossible to get everyone exactly the same.

I, also, favor YYYY/MM/DD as a format. (Actually I use .'s instead so: 2019.08.05 for today.) There is a lot less room for confusion that way. But honestly, use what you want and clarify if needed. Using either eastern or central plus the other two will be fine.

Tags, though. The # is for searching a tag. In the song tag it should NOT have a # in front of it.
So on your song edit page put: Skirmish, superskirmish, acoustic, etc.,
If you want to make a post where everyone can search something like a skirmish then you'd say, click the following tag to see all the skirmish songs that have been tagged correctly: #skirmish

Thanks for your input everyone. I shall ponder

Also I know you can't please everyone but it's very early for us Aussies even 1 hour later makes a difference . We show time exactly opposite DD/MM/YYYY but I am happy with revetse it's MM/DD/YYYY that plays with my head